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I'm trying to understand why my friend was given a 5 year suspension on a 2nd oui.
My friend was arrested for a 2nd oui 4/7/09. His first was at least 5 years before and he was charged with a driving to endanger in 2006. He was also arrested 10/4/09 for a violation of release. I don't have all the in between information and I don't know what he blew, just he wasn't very nice. To my understanding he should have recieved an 18 months to 3 year suspension. But was charged with a third strike and given 5 years- 90 days in jail. He is expecting to get his license back in August of 2015. Is there any explanation you can provide? And is there a chance he could get his license sooner?
He may be able to qualify for a license in CO after one year.
A relative traveled to Canada and was stopped at customs for a DWI. What are the specific rules ragarding DWI?
The DWI was more than 30 years ago.
Visiting Canada after receiving either court supervision or a conviction for DUI is not automatic. First, for...
Will I face criminal punishment from my home state of Arizona for a first OUI in Maine?
I was visiting family in Maine when I was arrested for operating under the influence. If found guilty in Maine, will I have to face AZ punishment (fines, jail, etc.) when I return home.
AZ will not sentence you to fines or jail for a Maine OUI. They will, however, suspend your license upon notice of...
1) Do the district court fines need to be paid in full prior to filing petition?
State of Maine: OUI 1st offense non-aggravated. Will be filing petition for ignition interlock. Payment plan established with district court to pay fines. 1) Do the district court fines need to be paid in full prior to filing petition? 2) Does the licence reinstatement fee/form need to be filed with the petition?
The Fine does not have to be paid before you are allowed to petition. However, you must pay your fine as ordered or...
Should I contest a speeding ticket if I already have a DUI reduced to reckless driving in the last year?
I was stopped for speeding. 68 in 50. When officer approached, I did admit that I was going "a little" too fast, but don't think it was that much over.
Sure you should. Just because you were arrested for DUI a year ago does not mean there is no chance for a good outcome...
Can I get charged an oui for driving on my own private property?
Police came to our house on an unrelated issue, I got arrested for oui while moving my truck from the side yard.
While I cannot speak for Maine law, most states have now defined DUI offenses in such a way that a person can be cited...
I was charged with OUI for my legal prescription drugs (not narcotics). Is it possible to drop this to Reckless Driving?
I also received a summons for endangering the welfare of a child, because I had my newborn son in the car with me when I was arrested for the OUI. And finally, I received a third summons for leaving the scene of an accident. Let me just clarify--the OUI charge is not from alcohol or illegal drugs, but from on of my prescription medications that I had taken, I took both my morning dose together with my evening dose because I was worried what might happen if I missed a dose. I'm just wondering if this charge can be dropped down to a reckless driving charge? They won't provide me with a court-appointed attorney here because I make too much money $19K. But I need to know if there's any way around that OUI charge. And can I try to make a plea bargain with the D.A. without a lawyer?
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....