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About a dui in Illinois. Why does my paper from police state refusal when I couldn't actually refuse du to an accident?
I had a accident. I was sent to the hospital and there they took blood and got my blood alcohol level. But why on the paperwork does it say refusal when I never refused the test? I mean I literally couldn't refuse the test. Does a refusal go in automatic? Jaw was broke so I couldn't talk. The refusal will put my suspension in a longer time even though I didn't realistically refuse the test. I don't believe that this is right being defaulted to a refusal when I didn't actually refuse or have the right to the test.
In a case where there's an accident there are two blood test. The first is the medical draw done at the request of the...
What are the chances of your car being impounded after 3rd violation with a DUI/baiid device?
First violation was in April. 2nd was in may. 3rd was today.
You have more to be concerned about than your car being impounded. Hopefully you have a lawyer. Speak to your lawyere...
I got a DUI and I am under 21, what should I do next?
I was in a vehicle parked on the side of a neighborhood road. I had been sitting there for probably about twenty minutes, lights off. I did not want to drive. I was just listening to music and waiting to feel okay, I was prepared to sleep there. Apparently a resident of the neighborhood had called the police. The police showed up, I talked to them, did a sobriety test, blew the tube and was sent to the jailhouse. I was never read my Miranda Rights. I blew a second time 20 minutes afterwards. I am 19 years old and am facing a DUI, I am afraid, my future seems bleak. I am moving out, working full time and trying to attend college part time. I need help, would like some information. Obviously I would not be able to afford a lawyer up front, are there any payment plans available?
Miranda Rights are not necessary unless they are questioning them while you are in custody and even then the only thing...
What is the average process and costs of getting an aggravated DUI reduced for a 18 year old male?
My younger brother was arrested for underage drinking, DUI, and possession of weed (which unfortunately was found on him in the station but I'm willing to bet a small amount). He's been in jail since 2am last night, faces the judge this afternoon to be released, and is a first time offender. Clearly a lawyer is needed. My mother doesn't have a ton of disposable income. What is the likely outcome of this situation and what should my mom do and expect? Thank you.
You are correct that you will want an attorney asap! What makes you think he is being charged with an AGGRAVATED DUI?...
Is there a way to fight the chemical refusal for a DUI?
Had a DUI an was put in as a refusal but didn't actually refuse. I wasn't able to challenge the secretary of state at the time and they treated it as a refusal. Is it possible to have this fixed? Or rescinded if its past the time frame to do it? Any exceptions to the rule? Involved an accident an I cldnt fight anything for months due to injuries.
It appears that you are digging yourself in deeper and deeper. You have very little chance at success on your own....
How to or if possible to obtain driving relief from dui
I have had two dui in my life(I know im not happy either) none of which I have been convicted of. The last one was in 2012. I am going thru a lot of hard times due to this and I been punished for what ive done. Like loss of job, home, girlfriend etc. Right now im about to receive lesser visitations with my first child which means the world to me and his mean mother is using this to her advantage. This is the only thing ive done in my life and ive paid for it in more ways then one. Ive walked around the world twice since then and they just don't except walking with a small child. I know u have heard it all but I don't drink anymore at all and my son helps with never drinking again. My suspension is up in December. Am I able to get some driving relief for him and work?
You need to speak in person to an attorney who handles DUI cases and administrative hearings before the Secretary of...
Does my son need a lawyer for his first DUI?
He needs to go rehab he has problem
Yes, he needs an attorney. He is facing up to 364 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,500, plus license revocation,...