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How to obtain Blood results before my DUI hearing
Can I obtain my blood results BAC from a blood draw that was taken at the hospital after a minor accident? Can I also obtain my breathalyzer results before the hearing?
I hope you're not considering representing yourself. That's a terrible idea. You need to request "discovery" from the...
How to obtain blood test results from blood sample that was taken in El Dorado County, California?
Minor accident and was taken to the hospital. Blood was drawn and I was released. How do I find out results of blood for BAC and my breathalyzer test results.
If you are charged your lawyer will get the results.
I have to go to placer county jail for my second dui offence for either 30 or 60 days how many do i have to really stay in jail
I had a layer and this has been the final end i just dont know how much time I will actually have to stay in jail once i turn myself in (yuck)
Well, it obviously matters if it is 60 days, rather than 30. Moreover, it matters greatly on how full the jail is, if...
My son was killed in a hit & accident by a drunk driver in California, he was a pedestrian.
Her insurance company wants to settle the claim for $20,000. Her bodily injury states $20,000 each person & $40,000 each occurrence. Are we entitled to the $40,000? She is currently awaiting trial.
Please accept my sincere condolences for your loss. Speak with your attorney. Have all insurance policies been...
Bro in law was in an accident, taken to the hospital by police for DUI and then let go at the hospital? Why was he not booked?
He is telling us that the police let him go because, "the cop did me a solid and didn't book me because I was borderline". Well he just got arrested for a warrant stemming from the DUI. I don't believe the story he is telling us, he is also saying that the courts screwed up getting his paperwork to him, because he has moved to the Newcastle/Auburn area. He was just picked up by the Contra Costa county police this morning and is being transported to be booked and then brought before a judge. What can we expect next? Will he serve more time, what are his possible fines, will he loose his license, etc.....I am assuming he got some type of APS paperwork, contact the DMV, request hearing etc, etc. Thank you for your answer!
Not sure why the police let him go. it could have been for any number of reasons. Whether you believe his story or not,...
My husband is on "community supervision" in CA he got pulled over drivingwith a suspended lincense..
His probation officer said he wasnt going to violate him but it was up to the judge if got jail time or community service...he has a couple driving with a suspendd question is will he get jail time?
Possibly. He should hire an attorney to represent him. An attorney will minimize the chance that he faces jail.
Can a Law Officer break the law to bring you in?
I was arrested for a DUI. It was a fair cop - I had been drinking, and I'm not contending there's any way around that fact. However, the officer that stopped me had been in someone's driveway at the time, and I later found out they had no permission to be there, which, LEO or not, is trespassing. At the time of my arrest I was told he had pulled me over for doing a rolling stop at a stop sign, which I had done. Later when my lawyer was going over the report, the officer stated that I had nearly hit a parked car and had run up on the curb, both of which were not true. I couldn't prove the report was untrue, but should I have fought harder against the DUI charge given that the officer clearly wasn't too fussed about following the law himself?
You are in a situation where you should probably take your lump with the fines and walk away. I have tried many cases...