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  • 2 Suspects Arrested, 1 at Large in String of Home In...

    Feb 16, 2017 | via NBC Dallas 

    Two suspects are behind bars in connection to a string of home invasion robberies across Collin and Denton counties that is now being investigated by federal authorities, as they search for a third suspect, according to Aubrey police. The Plano Police Department first alerted the public on Jan. 31 of two home invasions that happened in their city during the month of January.


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  • Home invasion trio at large

    Feb 10, 2017 | via Denton Record-Chronicle 

    Police still are searching for three suspects in connection with a Tuesday night assault and robbery at a home in Aubrey, where a 52-year-old man was tied up and beaten for hours as the attackers ransacked his house, police said. The victim, Danny Cannon, was released from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton on Wednesday afternoon with lingering injuries, including heavy bruising and severe blunt force trauma near his head, according to Aubrey police Lt.


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Aubrey Law

Hey, how can I be able to ride a motorcycle while being under probation for dwi and need a breathalyzer but they don't install
im not understanding how I will be able to ride my motorcycle once I purchase it without a breathalyzer(which I already have one in my truck).. im under probation for a DWI and my breathalyzer company said in the state of TX they do not install them on motorcycles...could you give me any advice?
Sure. Talk to your probation officer or attorney about switching to a different device, like the in-home/portable one....
What is the penalty for a first time dwls in texas? I
It was suspended after a DWI charge. DWI case is pending.
A first-time DWI in Texas is a class B misdemeanor, carrying punishment of up to 180 days in jail and up to a $2,000...
Will I have to go to jail for 4th dwi got 1st in 1991 2nd 1997 3rd 2004 4th 2016 got probation on all previous
Sitting in car, was lost, no one hurt, failed field sobriety test, took blood don't know results, currently wearing scram device
Nobody can answer that without looking at all the specifics of this particular situation. However the more often you...
Crashed my motorcycle, legal blood taken - am I going to be arrested on DWI?
In November, I was driving drunk and crashed my motorcycle. I had a slight head injury and an ambulance took me to hospital. The police followed me there and they took "legal blood". My BAC was probably at least .20 As far as I know there is no warrant and I've not been arrested. Did I get off easy or can they still arrest me? How do I know if they are building a case against me? Accident was in Flower Mound, TX - Denton County
Yes, they can still arrest you. The statute of limitations on a misdemeanor case is 2 years. The agency is waiting for...
Understanding a DWI Sentence
Can anyone please tell me what this means? My son's mother received DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED BAC >=0.15 / CSCD 18 Months with Community Service of 60 Hours / Confinement to Commence 01/25/2017 / 320 Days , County Jail, Denton County Jail Suspended 320 Days DIC-17: DWI Required 01/25/2017
It looks like she got a sentence of 320 days, which was suspended in favor of 18 months of probation and 60 hours of...
What can you expect after a plea hearing?
I received a plea bargain for 2 first time DWIs of 14 months of probation and a $500 fine. I realized I would have to have both on my record but I knew if I went to trial it could be worse. For those wondering how I got this type of deal I went to 27 AA meetings, took the first offense DWI class, went to a MADD course, and had a psychologist evaluation done without being told. Also, I have been sober since August 7, 2016 so I had the coins from AA. However, when I went to the judge to accept he said no because he couldn't believe how low of a punishment I was getting. Both DWIs were not harmful (first was due to "improper signaling" of me, even though I drove and parked correctly in front of my house and the next was two months later when I parked in a parking lot to sleep after realizing I should not drive but the car was on unfortunately). I know I've made a mistake and unfortunately now know a little too much on how the legal system is and the politicalness of DWIs. I was wondering when I go to the hearing next month what type of deal would I expect? The judge wants a stiffer punishment but the prosecutor felt I did enough? Would one be dropped?
Denton is tough! If you and your attorney have worked out the deal with the prosecutor, and the court rejects the plea...
If a doctor gives you a blood test & they find drugs are they allowed to report it to your probation officer
I had a blood test done today if they are looking for drug use they may find it can she report it to my probation officer
Not unless you sign a release or there is a warrant from the judge because it would violate HIPPA. Your health care is...