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Will I be doing time if I smoke weed and am on the monitor right know ?
I feel depressed rn and just stressed out for being through all this that I went through i got arrested for a hit and run and I was wondering if I smoke weed will I get locked up again cause I really don’t want to again
Your question is confusing, are you being "monitored" currently? Do you think that the "monitor" is something that...
My vehicle was involved in a pursuit one night. P. D . located my vehicle and also located me walking roughly 3 blocks away they arrested me for evading and on my dl record it states that license was suspended 6/02/14 and reinstated 2/09/15 but no ca penal code. What can I do ?
Contact the Mandatory Action Unit of the DMV in Sacramento. Probably nothing you can do. What difficulties is this...
I got a second dui and my lawyer just told me I could be remanded on my first court date?
Second dui ..blew 0.24 ..I’m doing three AA classes and getting outpatient therapy three times a week as well
Your lawyer is probably right. The consequences for a second DUI within a ten year period can be high. You BAC of .24...
Why hasn't the agency reported my dui ?
I went to court twice and the agency hasn't reported it . its been 5 months since my dui and one month since my last court date. But just got my license back.
Consult a DUI attorney to be on the safe side.
How can I get the DMV to delete a "suspension" that isn't my fault for DUI?
I bought a new car. At the time I was under SR-22 reporting with existing insurance Co "A". I got new insurance with Co "B" when I bought new car. There was no lapse in coverage, but Co "B" fails to electronically report the SR-22 coverage. DMV thinks no insurance and suspends license. I have letter from insurance Co stating there was no lapse in coverage to support me. This was a reporting error. This was out of my control? Is there anything that can be done. License was reinstated but that "mark" remains.
Sorry, you have to go through this inconvenience. Look at your suspension notice and see if there is a place for...
Can I be arrested at the border if I have a warrant for my arrest for my very first and only DUI offense?
It’s from my first DUI offense but I haven’t had time to clear it up with the courts. I’m just curious and worried that I’ll be arrested going to or coming back from Mexico.
Absolutely! If you have a warrant, you will be arrested at the border. Get an attorney to clear it before you go to...
What is Probation and Suspension?
I currently have a valid drivers license. I am on informal probation for a misdemeanor lot DUI related. I was pulled over while stuck in road with car problems. I was arrested for Probation and Suspension charge.
Are you sure your licensed isn't suspended?