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How is it different for one? Our friend who got his back said everything had left his record now.
My husband lost his drivers license over 20 years ago. No accidents involved, just DUI. He was told he has to go to classes and court to reapply for his privileges. A friend of ours lost his the same way around the same time and walked into the local SOS and left with his temp license.
I've found you can't compare two different individuals with these types of matters. There are so many factors that may...
Bench warrant
I know I should turn myself in but I want to have enough money to be able to bail myself out. I got my second DUI 2 yrs ago. I missed a court date while I was on a 5,000 dollar p.r. bond. I want to know how much I would need to bail myself out and I want to know if I have to pay the 5,000 dollar bond? I want to resolve this dilemma but I can't afford to be in jail as I will lose my job.
The longer you wait, the more trouble you will be in. The only one who has an idea how much the bond will be, if any,...
If my dui's are do to my bi polar episodes can i get them erased of my record do to mental illness
I have had three DUI'S and a few MIP'S 15 plus years ago. I was diagnosed with bi polar disorder and was told my past behavior was do to my manic episodes. I have been on meds. and have been stable for quite some time now, in short I am a completely different person now, who can't obtain a career in the medical profession because of my criminal back ground checks. IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO TO CHANGE THIS.
Unfortunately you are not eligible for an expungement of the DUIs because your convictions arose under the motor...
Will I be able to file for an arraignment extension on a DUI when the arraignment is out of state?
I'm currently in a rehab and I've let the prosecutors office know in Michigan that I was in a rehab and now my lab results have came back and I'm due to be at court for arraignment on the 30th of Jan, 2018. I'm currently in Florida
You need to immediately contact and retain an attorney in the area where the incident happened. There is a good...
Can a felony received over 25 years ago for involuntary manslaughter due to a DUI be removed
License was revoke due to outstanding court cost but everything has been paid because i found a job but then i was caught driving without a license paid that bill but they are refusing to give me a license i was driving without one. I would like the opportunity to obtain a better job,vote, travel with a passport, I am grateful not to be imprisoned but yet i feel caged.
How old were you when you were convicted? If a minor, maybe something could be done. If an adult, I doubt there is...
I am 19 and I just got my first DUI?
I am attending college on a scholarship I’m worried I will lose this I’ve never had anything on my record before and I’m terrified. I have called an attorney I will meet Wednesday but haven’t spoke about it yet. Please help.
Moving this to DUI section so you can get better advice. Although it sounds like you've done the right thing and...
How how many times can the Court's delay my show cause hearing by them not being able to provide me a court appointed lawyer?
I have been charged with a DUI 3rd offense on October 26th 2017 I have showed up for court every time I'm supposed to but they can never provide me with a court appointed lawyer
You need to contact the criminal clerk of the district court by phone before your next court date and politely explain...