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I had a DUI plus a wreck ,nobody was hurt. the court dropped the charges ,does that mean DMV has to clear my record as well?
I took a corner to fast and rolled my car in an empty field
No, it doesn't meant that at all.
Is it reasonable to get a juvenile DUI sealed?
I got a DUI at the age of 17; this DUI is the only thing on my record criminal wise. I have no charges as an adult. The DUI I received as a juvenile has not affected me in terms of being denied for a job or whatnot. My main concern is for the future. I am currently 25 years old, employed full time by the state of California and majoring in Liberal Studies in hopes of one day becoming an elementary teacher. Is it reasonable to get my DUI sealed so my juvenile record is clean?
Yes, but sealing your file will not erase or delete the electronic record of the DUI adjudication. Sealing and later...
Can police tow and impound a car i was driving ,is someone elses after stopping at s check point , no DUI, only susprndef lic
I was driving in Atwater Cal, came across a check point, the car is my boyfrieds, my drivers lic is suspended, i was not intoxicated at all the cop told me car well be impounded for 30
Yes because you were driving with a suspended license, which is a misdemeanor. You will need to consult with an...
Can having little scrapes of wax put me in jail?
I was recently charged with a DUI. I have a marijuana card, in which the cop said was fake. But he found 10grams of marijuana on me, and little scrapes of wax in a container. I was not charged with having the scrapes though. I am aware that the cops could still charge me for the scrapes of wax, and I am wondering if jail time would be involved? I as well hired a lawyer
If you already have a lawyer, you should pose these questions to that lawyer. Good luck.
CA DUI dismissed pursuant CA PC sect.1385. 3 year old case w/previous DMV APS hearing ending in 4 month suspension. New hearing?
My ANCIENT 1st-time, misdemeanor DUI case was dismissed today following a lengthy motion to strike (?) hearing. Jury selection set for this morning, instead 3 hours of argument before judge called attys to chambers, then ruled to dismiss per 1385 stating that an appellate ruling on the issue of contention (blood sample, no phlebotomist - confrontation clause) was necessary for clarity given that current case law is, in his opinion, too ambiguous to adequately address this particular case's concerns. A.D.A. is appealing. DMV APS 2.5 years ago, suspension upheld despite Tit.17 viol. (same 4th amendment prob; Officer testified in lieu of phleb). Can I do anything to restore my driving record? I know charges could be refiled later, but do I have a shot at with DMV now? My PD can't help...
By statute, you only have one year from the date of arrest to request a renewed hearing based on the dismissal of the...
How can I get my driver's license back?
In Feb. 2013 I got a misdemeanor dui and a speeding ticket in Washington State. I never went to court. I now live in California. The dmv shows me as suspended.
You’ll have to take care of the case in Washington. You should consult with a dui Attorney there. Once that happens,...
I was charged with a felony child endangerment over 15 yrs ago is it still on my record? Can I get it expunged?
I was charged with a misdamenor DUI and Felony child endangerment. My son and daughter were in the car. My son wasn't injured but my daughter was. She had a small cut to her forehead that required 4 stitches. My blood alcohol was tested and it registered a .23. The conviction occurred in 2001.
Can't see why it wouldn't be on your record.