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Is there any way possible to get my cdl license reinstated? I can't get a job for anything that I'm qualified for-I am starving
One dui continued without a finding nine years ago. Found guilty 2-1/2 years ago of a dui and lost my job because the job mandates that you have a cdl . I haven't been able to get a job since I lost my cdl and I'm soon to become homeless. I can't even afford to feed myself.. I'm becoming a hermit and I'm only 31. It's bloody scary. How am I supposed to support myself? Everywhere I go they say I'm overqualified or I need a clean driving record. My sentence is worse than some murderers. For crying out loud I went from 90,000.00 a year to zip, nada, nothing. This is a worse sentence than the kid down the street who just got caught with meth. I have no other skills. I can't get a job w/out my cdl
Doubtful. Check out page 17. If I understand you correctly,...
I have 2 DUI's that are 30 years old? Can I get my CDL and will I be able to get a driving job?
Both DUI's occurred in Massachusetts
Most states have expressly adopted the federal code relating to interstate motor carrier and licensing requirements and...
My ex boyfriend put a restraining order against me because we broke up and I was truly hurt, left some drunk messages, nothing
that was threatening, just how he lied to me etc. That I have a new boyfriend which is true. Then sent a message on Facebook to his daughter to be a little nicer to his dad. Forwarded a text from my new boyfriend to show him that someone will pay attention to me and then I got a restraining order from him. Nothing that was threatening.
Most likely these are violations of the restraining order. To be certain or if you are charge you should contact a...
Can a mayor get a dui
I offered my mayor a ride home just asking
Virtually anyone, in the right circumstances, can be charged with a crime.
Can I ask for a hearing to reduce my suspension and get my license back?
I got a third OUI, the court considered it a second offense. My license was taken for 5 years for refusing the breathalyzer and another 8 years from the court. It is 7 years into my suspension. I no longer live in the state that I was charged in so a hardship license is not possible.
If you believe you have complied with all the requirements of your sentence, paid all the fines, completed all the...
What should I do?
I have a ri license and was caught w a oui in mass. Received a letter in the mail that my license is suspended in mass for 180 days immediately. My lawyer two weeks later scheduled a disposition two weeks later I received a 24 d program w dae classes for 16 weeks and a 45 day loss of license and now I just received a letter saying I have to serve the 180 days and then the 45 days after how can that be? My lawyer didn't mention anything about having to do the 180 days he only told me I have to serve the 45 days very confused?? Any help on what to do
Unfortunately, the RMV is correct. If you had taken the breathalyzer and failed, your 30-day suspension would expire...
Will i receive a summons to court for a dui?
hi last year i was in a dui crash and was arrested, its been about 8 months and im still going threw court and everything.. a month ago i crashed my truck into a ditch off the highway (not drunk,and about a month from my final court date) and a state trooper came, i talked to him for about 25 minute waiting for a ambulance and a tow truck. he had already looked me up and everything and said nothing. when i got into the ambulance he came over and asked if i had been drinking(i'm assuming because of my record) i politely said no and he said "don't insult my intelligence" i said i was not and he asked me if i would take a breathalyzer and i said i would like to get checked out at the hospital first because i was in severe pain. he then told me i would receive a summons to court and left without another word, no road side test nothing.. its been a month later. no summons, no licence suspension, and when i had my final court date they looked up my driving record and nothing poped up about that day besides a crash im assuming.. do you think i will receive a summons? how can i know
I doubt he would summons you into court for an OUI (same as DUI) as usually officers arrest people (even when the...