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How much should a lawyer charge for a repeat DWI offender?
Just wondering what the normal fee is for a 2nd DWI offense within 10 years. I would like to know 4k or 5k?
There is no set fee schedule DWI cases because every case is unique and has its own particular issues. Before I quote...
Conditional license from DMV?
I was recently convicted of DWAI in New York. I also attended a hearing at the DMV because I refused to take the breathalyzer when I was arrested. After the hearing, the DMV took my license away for a year based on my refusal. Can I get a conditional license? The woman judge hearing the case was really mean.
You can apply for the conditional license in light of the plea.
Not guilty for DUI
I was arrested in the US by the tribal police for supposedly being under the influence of drugs, which I wasn't. I passed the breathalyser, I didn't do great on the field test (walking in a straight line thing) but it was obviously sober and not under the influence. The copy took me to a hospital to take a blood test, I took it and he said it will be back in 3-6 months. My first hearing is in a few days. I took a test in Canada and it was (unsurprisingly) negative. What should I expect at the first hearing? Will I be arrested? Do I really need a lawyer if the results are obviously negative. Thanks
You were arrested and it sounds as if you are facing criminal charges. Yes, you need a lawyer. As far as what to...
Will an arrest for DWI in NYS with a court date for July 8th - prohibit my husband & I from Montreal, Quebec on July 2?
About three weeks ago we had a scary situation occur that landed me in the hospital. I had pulled over in a parking lot with chest pain and 911 was eventually called. The next thing I could remember was being taken to a hospital. The officers that arrived at the scene ended up arresting me and charging me with DWI once I was at the hospital - I was shocked, to say the least. I was never taken to a station, I was not fingerprinted and I had no mug shots - because I was in the hospital. My husband and I were married earlier this month and have a get-a-way planned for July 2 - July 6 in Montreal, Quebec. I am not scheduled to appear in court until July 8th. So, there is no conviction, etc. Are we doing to be turned away at the border? I have no idea how any of this works and am quite upset.
Possibly. Contact the Canadian Consulate to obtain permission before attempting to enter Canada.
Question about probable cause on a DWI?
I unfortunately was arrested for a DWI. I was followed late at night, by an off duty cop who was driving his own personal vehicle, a Jeep, with off road auxiliary lights on super high. He followed me all the way to my home. I felt extremely scared and didn't know who he was. He also was tailgating me extremely close. My security camera at my home captured him doing this. He apparently made a call (I don't know to whom as I never recd the reports or if there was a 911 call) and I subsequently was arrested for DWI by another cop. I wanted to find out if this would still constitute probable cause? He claimed that I was driving erratic, which I was definitely was because I was frightened out of my mind. I am female and live alone. He never identified himself so I was terrified. Thank you.
i would have to read the complaint. If it says that the arresting officer was informed by the other off duty cop that...
Will I lose my DMV refusal hearing? I thought my DWI case was over!!
About a year ago I received a dwi and refused the breathalyzer. I went through the whole process and had my initial dmv hearing within the first 10 days of my arraignment. At that time my lawyer had a scheduling conflict and didn't show up to the hearing and so it was adjourned. I went through the whole process and ended up with a dwai plea deal that dropped the refusal charge. I paid thousands in fines, took weekly classes, and did 40 hours of community service, and had a 3 month license suspension. For the past six months I thought this was behind me Well today I got a letter in the mail from the dmv saying I have to come back for that refusal hearing. Can I really lose my license for a year when the charge was dropped? I'm very upset as my lawyer never said this was a possibility
What specifically did the letter say? I would recommend discussing the letter with your attorney, and asking him,...
I was arrested for Leander law dwi, no accident, no moving violation, someone complained about my driving.
My son was sentenced to 5 years probation , victim impact, 10 weekends in jail , suspended license for 18 months then had to put device on car for 12 months, $2000.00 fine. I did 3 1/2 months probation no problems and completed all requirements. Got caught drinking now re arrested for probation violation and sitting in county jail going on 3 months now. What will my sentence probably be?
The facts as you wrote them are not clear. You wrote that you were arrested and then write about your son's sentence....