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How did this turn out? Being drugged with possesion of residue? Cociane.
I have a simliar experience! Just a few traces of residue in a ciggerate plastic & i honestly forgot it was in there. They seized my motercycle. Orignally pulling me over for not Having an endorsment.
You should consult with an attorney about options for a motion to suppress or eligibility for alternative programs.
Best advice for our situation.
My husband has a suspended license from his 2 duis when he was 21 and 22. In 2010 we paid 1,500 for a lawyer, went through everything ..aa, letters of recommendation, and urin testing, but unfortunately he was 2017, my husband is almost 37 and we're giving it another try. He doesn't ever drink..we work and take care of our 6 year old..we need his licence, it's been 15 years, any advice?
My advice will sound kind of obvious: get a lawyer who does this type of work and go for it. You should be in good...
Owi 1st offense & DWLS 2nd Offense. ??? Any INFO???
suspension time?
Too much critical information and variables are missing to properly answer that. It will depend on your current driving...
I received a high bac owi and I plead guilty to OWVI in 71A Lapeer, will probation drug test me that day? At all?
I received a high bac owi and plead guilty to OWVI in 71A Lapeer court. I know I will likely receive 6-12mo probation. I already interviewed with the probation department and I thought it went well. I know the probation department will take into account my interview to suggest terms of probation. I have limited legal history (MIP over 6 years ago), bachelors degree, full time enployment. Should I expect to get sent out for a drug test the day of sentencing? Should I expect to get drug tested at all? I know I will likely have to alcohol test which isn't a big concern of mine, but I do smoke marijuana occasionally and would like to know what I will be up against when it comes to when/if I will begin drug testing with the history of this probation department?
Many times the judge will make it a term of your sentence not to use or possess alcohol or illegal drugs including...
What can I expect to get in court if I'm 18 and got caught drunk driving?
I blew a 0.15 and the officer said he was not charging me with a DUI but instead a misdemeanor. I spent 12 hours in lapeer jail and my bond was $100 and now I'm wondering what will happen at my court date
Not sure what the officer meant, but a DUI, or an OWI as it's called in Michigan, is a misdemeanor offense the first...
First owi (operating while intoxicated) freaking out!!! Need some answers
At the beginning of this month i was pulled over and arrested for a owi with a bac of. 12. They destroyed my license. I am currently a cna who drives my own vehicle to different facilities. This happened in Michigan. I have a few questions Will my job be notified by the court or anyone of my arrest? Since they destroyed my license am I still allowed to go and get a identification card from the secretary of state? I have to use a public defender.. While private attorneys said they might be able to help plea me out of My charges to at least get a restricted licenses verses a suspended.... Can a public defender do that?
An OWVI reduction (which is often the lowest a prosecutor will go) can get you a 3 month restricted license. That...
I recently got charged with owi. I want to know how to go about this and get some good advice. This is my 1st offense.
Blew a .13 also had expired permit. I am definitely not wanting jail time but i dont know what im about to walking into? Someone please help me. I dont know if i should have a lawyer or not. I have never had to go to court before or be in this type of situation before.
OWI is a criminal offense. You can be sentenced to jail if convicted, along with license sanctions. You should...