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Can the BMV suspend my license after the State convicted and sentenced me without violating the double jeopardy clause?
I was convicted of OWI with a prior and Habitual Substance Offender, sentenced and two months later the BMV imposed a Habitual Traffic Violator on me. How does this not constitute Double jeopardy?
Double jeopardy does not apply to different government entities. That being said, these two penalties stem from the...
Tim was arrested twice within 5months apart in two states. Dui. And dwi. Then way. Did he get his licence. back
he was charges with a dwi. The blood test said his blood. acohol. level was. 3Times the limit. And he is going to a Pretrail conference
This question is confusing. What is it you really want to know? "Tim" most likely has some form of driving privileges...
Is a blood. Alcohol level. harder. To fight in court if. It was taken at the hospital. This is the 2nd dui
Arrested. Refused a subriety. Test taken to the hospital for blood test then put in jail so what might be the out come. Here
I am a bit confused by your question. Did you have your blood taken on not? Was the blood test a forced blood test?...
Arrested. For dwi. With blood test showed it was way above the limit
This is my second dui within 4 months apart ky, and IND,at my hearing. I had. 7Charges against. Me lawyer Got me down to two the big one is my acohol level they gave my license back but going to a Pretrail conference. Why
You say you have an attorney. Ask him. Anything from us would be guessing. He knows the facts.
Passengers of an arrested driver.
passengers of a vehicle that was pulled over, where the driver was arrested for DUI, are in no way involved in the drivers case, right? Passengers were let go with citation for seat belt only, no other questions. So pay the citation and be on their merry way?
If your only charge as the passenger was no seatbelt then yes, pay and move on.
Will the jutge know about my recent dui in ky when i go to my pretrail. in indiana over my second dui
Since this is my second dui in less than. A year. Charge with reckless indangerment plus blood acohol. Level way above. The limit. Since in going to a pretrail. Is this a. Felony. And can l face jail time
What is important is if the prosecutor knows as they decide the charges. However, if you are ever asked about it you...
If police can not prove you were driving, can you be convicted of drunk driving?
Above legal BAC but was nowhere near the wrecked vehicle. Brought to scene by a friend. That was when BAC was asessed.
If the police cannot prove you were driving, then no, you cannot be convicted of drunk driving. I expect their story...