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Can a DUI conviction be appealed in Tennessee?
First offense. No injury to anyone. I was parked. Failed breathalizer and field sobriety. I was wanting to keep this off my record and hoping for a deferred disposition with probation but didn't get it. Can I appeal?
There are a few different ways to “appeal” or challenge a conviction in some form or fashion in Tennessee. Which, if...
If I am on supervised probation, will they be testing for alcohol?
I'm on probation for underage possession.
It depends on your terms and conditions of probation. Check the documents you got from the court, or the agreement you...
How do I count how many years ago my DUI was from the arrest date or when I got through with my probation.
Got a DUI in 2012.. Misdemeanor no accidents. $1000 fine 1129 probation 48hrs (jail) just want to know how many years ago I should say its been for a application I'm filling out
In Virginia, it is from the arrest date.
What Will Happen To Me If I Get Caught Driving While My License Suspended for A Dui In Tennesse
I'm On 11/29 probation!! I Get Off Probabtion In September
I am not licensed to practice law in Tennessee, but in California, where I am licensed, this conduct is penalized with...
D.u.i. In tn with Michigan license?
About 9 yrs ago I got a d.u.i. In tn while visiting. I served a weekend in jail and was fined and put on probation. But I left the state before doing all I was ordered.i had no choice as I had no place to stay.
I am not sure what your question is, but I am changing the category to DUI so that attorneys who practice in that area...
How can I find out my BAC in a recent dui charge?
The officer said I failed a field sobriety test and arrested me. They took my blood at the jail and then I bonded out.
If this just recently happened you won’t get the blood results for awhile. If you haven’t already hire a local attorney...
How long should a DUI charge be held against someone,they violated and had to do 90 days..180 all together this was in 2012?
Still paying on DUI fines and the county in which the DUI occurred and paying in another county where the law had caught me for I had done 15 days and 180 days prior...
Your question does not make any sense. Try re-writing it.