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Why is this happening??
Dhr cam to my sons and was going to get my granddaughter she was staying with me that night..So Dhr called my house and asked if they could come out and check my home..I agreed.. I had a case with them 4 years ago and my children lived with my brother for 6 months but got to stay with us there were no stipulations it was up too my brother when I got to keep them..Anyway Ithey came out and let me keep the baby and told me to be at Dhr the next day.. so I get there and they wanted me to take a drug test I told the lady no that I did not want to be in the system anymore so I left got my brother so he could get the baby while I was there they told me they were reopening my case because I refused a test I told them no I didn't because I was not there to test I was there for my I left that was on Friday and Monday was a holiday so Tuesday talked to a lawyer he said test for them it was negative.. and they put us on color code..Why?? I have no drug abuse problem in home and why would they let my granddaughter stay the one night and then the next day say it's not safe my kids have not been token so why I am I having to test
I'm sorry to hear about your situation. If you have an attorney helping you, should should definitely talk to that...
Why hasn’t my license been suspended yet for DUI?
I have a pending dui and was not arrested. Will my license get suspended when I get summoned for court? It has been a month and I checked to see if my license has been suspended on ALVerify and it is still valid. I am stressing because I don’t know what’s going on??
There appear to be some facts missing - you state that you have a "pending DUI and was not arrested." That is a legal...
What happens if parolee gets DUI after moving to a new state 1,000 miles away?
Sequence of events: 1) Parolee moved 1000 miles away after getting out on parole from assault charge. 2) Parolee has new parole officer in new state. 3) Parolee gets DUI in new state. So what happens now? Will he/she have to go back to State where he/she was original incarcerated? One cop said "No way, it's too expensive, he'll have to get picked up at some point down there" and another one said "It's the law, he has to go".
It depends. Different states have different laws concerning parole violations. So, it depends on the law of the state...
How Can I fight a DUI?
Hello, I recently had a DUI and I have my court on nov 15, I’m here undocumented with no DL. There any way I could be deported? Should I move to an other address? Thanks you.
Yes, you can be deported. Talk to a lawyer right away.
Can probation come on you if its been over 2 years?
I had a dui back on feb 1 of 2015 I was on probation and failed a drug screen the probation officer said they would send me a letter through the mail for a court date I never received it I paid my fine all I owe is for the ignition interlock which is 1,500 I called the DMV they sent me a paper saying if the judge will give me a release I can get my license back asap. My question is if I never went to court on the probation violation when she said she would send the letter and its been almost 3 years can I be put back on probation? I go to court tomorrow about this I just wanna know what in walking into. Thank you!
I would have suggested you get a lawyer, but now I would suggest you go to court and not cite the advice of DMV. Be...
What will they do to me if I got charged with 2 DUIs in one week? I didn’t blow. Alabama.?
I got pulled over for speeding and refused to blow. They charged my with DUI. 3 days later the same thing. I didn’t blow in breathalyzer. What will they do to me if I got charged with 2 DUIs in one week? Will I get jail time? They have no proof.
Not to sound cliche, but you need an attorney. Proof will be the testimony of the officer. Also, cannot say for AL, but...
How do I get my license back in Alabama after a 5 year period on a DUI charge from another state?
In 2013 I got a DUI in Tennessee. My license were suspended, court ordered 7 days in jail and a fine. I was supposed to turn myself in and pull 7 day's, however I was not able to travel to Tennessee to do the jail time. I am now 100% disabled. August of 2018 will be my anniversary date of 5 years,
Get the hold off the license from TN and apply for a license in AL