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Will I get drug tested on ARD?
I was arrested for a DUI, I'm under 21(18), no drugs were involved, I blew a .067
This is an excellent question to pose to your experienced criminal defense attorney. You do have one, correct??? If...
How long does it take to get charged with a DUI or hear anything about it? Will it help to get the first one expunged?
I was in a minor fender bender accident on 4/5/2016. The woman I rear ended called the police and I was taken to the hospital for a blood draw. I was high on opiates at the time, so I'm pretty sure I will test positive. It's been almost 2 months and I haven't seen anything in the mail and don't see any charges filed online for DUI. This will be my second offense and the first one was eligible for expungement, but I never went through the process 6 years ago.
Well it doesn't matter right now but yes get an expungement and speak to lawyer about your best options now.
How would voluntarily surrendering my WV CDL prior to charges filed affect my case regarding ARD?
WV CDL holder suspected of first offense DUI in PA. I do not need my CDL and am considering voluntarily surrendering it prior to charges being filed due to the ARD program "convicting" you for purposes of CDL suspension. I understand what would happen if I had just a regular license, which I need in my state.
With respect to the West Virginia CDL, you need to speak with either an attorney in that state or with the department...
How will acceptance into the ARD program affect my ability to drive outside of PA due to holding a WV CDL.
I am a WV CDL holder suspected of DUI in PA. I do not need my CDL for work however. I am learning of the ARD program and do not know how it will affect my regular license, which I need for work in WV, due to being a CDL holder.
Best to check in with a WV lawyer to get the best possible advice.
Can I fight this so I can get those 10 months credit towards my suspension? Thank you.
I was given an 18 month license suspension for a 3rd dui in Washington County, PA. I also received a 1 year house arrest sentence. 2 months into my house arrest PennDOT suspended my license. PennDOT is now informing me that the 10 months my license was suspended during house arrest do not count towards my suspension. They are saying my suspension didn't start until I was off house arrest. How can PennDOT take away my driving privilege for 10 months but not give me credit for it? They reference 1541 of the vehicle code which states no credit is given while someone is serving a jail sentence. I was never in jail and could have utilized my driving privilege because I was allowed to work, attend AA meetings, run errands while on house arrest. Can I fight this so I can get those 10 months credit towards my suspension? Thank you.
This battle might need to be fought through a Penn Dot administrative complaint, rather through the criminal courts....
Will my insurance drop me? (default my loan) Legally, can my credit union repossess the car because of dui suspension?
I got a dui over the summer and was charged and pled guilty by the courts. I will be surrendering my license in a few weeks for a period of 90 days. I have a car loan and insurance. Will my insurance drop me? (Which would obviously default my loan) Also, if my insurance does not drop me and it stays active, legally can my credit union repossess the car because of the dui license suspension? Just curious if that would be considered a default of a loan.
You can always find a cheaper insurance company online
Can an expunged underage be removed from my driver's record?
I received an Underage Drinking charge my senior year of high school, and before I turned 21 I completed the process of having it expunged (my license was suspended 90 days and I took a class). All seemed well. Now upon reviewing my driver's record, the violation is still there. Why was it not removed once the expungement was completed, and is it it possible to have it removed now?
It appears to me that you are talking about two entirely different matters, a criminal record, and a driving record....