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MD licensed driver got DUI in NJ.
Hello, I was pulled over in Buenna Vista NJ and got a DUI. I blew 0.07 but this is my 2nd offense. My first one was in Virginia about 2 years ago. I was told by the officer that my license will not get suspended in MD but I can not drive in PA, NJ and DE. I will appreciate all the anseers I can get. Thank you.
first piece of advice is to retain an attorney immediately. While you may have only blown a point 07 the state can...
Will I be charged?
I completely blacked out in Atlantic City and woke up in the ER. I didn't get fluids or anything. I'm pretty sure the cops brought be to the hospital. I don't think I was being disorderly or anything. What happens next? Do I get a ticket or a court date in the mail? My blood alcohol was over 300
No lawyer can answer a question as to whether somebody will be criminally charged when there is no information provided.
DWI NJS 39:4-50 atlantic city
I went to court and plead not guilty in 2-3 days after release. Police did not serve me tickets after release from arrest and its about 6 months now. I found out there is arrest warrant. can it be dismissed?
Go for a legal consultation with an attorney in your area, to confirm that filing a motion to dismiss or something else...
20 minute waiting period for a DUI.
I was arrested and charged with a DUI the other night. One of the things that i clearly remember is that there was no 20 minute waiting period before i gave breath samples. The ride from where i was arrested to the police station was 2 minutes, then they took me right into the room for the breath test. I'm going to get an attorney, but is this something that is handled at trial or at a motion to suppress hearing?
This is something that is initially handled in the discovery period by confirming the timing of your case. It may then...
I got a DUI . I'm overstay in USA .what can I do if the ICE hold me in custody after my DUI case ?
I have a I 140 approval while I'm still have a legal status . Now still waiting for the I 485 processing . But I'm have become overstay alien .im from Singapore .this is my 1st DUI it happen at Atlantic city. Before this I have a reckless driving about 6 years ago . I did file my income tax for the pass few years .
1. Get a top criminal defense attorney now. 2. Consult with an experienced immigration lawyer who understands the...
I have a skill worker applicantion still processing , i got a DUI case .will ICE take me after my DUI case?
i,m overstay here in usa.
This is really a question for an immigration attorney. Any conviction could present a problem for a person here in a...
Arrested for DWI with a BAC level of .06%, in NJ, what are the consequences and can I argue against this offense?
The other day I got arrested, in the state of NJ, for DWI, Reckless Driving, Careless Driving, Maintenance of lamps, Speeding. The officer who pulled me over gave me three test. The pen eye test, the 9 count foot-over-foot test, and the alphabet C-Q. Apparently, I failed the eye exam, but it was 2:30 am and my contacts were dry. I believed that it was just real late and obviously my eyes would ping from being tired. I wasn't stumbling at all and I was sober. What are my chances of getting a DWI or DUI- I am 21.
Fight this case. You can be convicted of DWI in two ways in NJ. The pre se case where they prove BAC of .08 or higher...