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Will I be charged for DUI?
I made a poor decision and got behind the wheel after a few drinks. -and this is where it gets complicated- I woke up in an emergency room the next morning. I had been found passed out behind the wheel at a stop light. No accident occurred, I had just blacked out at a stop light. An ambulance was called and I was brought into the ER. I do not remember speaking to a police officer, nor was a police officer present at the hospital during my time there. My blood was drawn and alcohol was found. I was allowed to leave the hospital and pick up my car from the local police impound with no charge to retrieve it. I have not been contacted by any law enforcement agency, or hospital staff. Was I charged with DUI? Should I expect a summons?
It is not just possible, it is virtually certain in Atlantic City. However, a lawyer may be able to examine the...
What could be my out come for a second possessionn charge within 3 months?
I'm on continuous discharge in Atlantic city and I passed my first test but I just recently got pulled over in ventnor for oder in the car which led them to asking if I had anything on me. I had under 50 grams . I confessed and cooperated with them. Would I face jail time?
You need to immediately hire a talented and experienced DWI traffic ticket Atlantic City lawyer to fight this ticket....
I got a DUI what should I do/expect?
I got a DUI in New Jersey at 7am on Sunday and have court next week. What should I do based on the following facts... I was in New Jersey for a Bachelor Party Saturday Night. Slept at hotel. I felt sober enough to leave early in the morning to try and beat traffic to get home for Mothers Day in New York. Got pulled over for speeding (118 on a 65). Officer thought I was drunk and had me do several tests which I passed. Then arrested me and brought me to the station for breathalyzer. I blew a .09. The limit is .08. Now I have court next Thursday. I only have $1500 saved up. I doubt that's enough for a decent lawyer. What should I do? Maybe try a pro bono lawyer? What should I expect? I really don't want my license to get suspended and I don't want my insurance to go up... any help/advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Anthony
You got pulled over going 118 mph with a B.A.C. over the legal limit. You run a real risk of doing jail time. Time to...
How can I help my boyfriend avoid jail time for simple assault, dui, driving careless, and driving wreck less in New Jersey?
My boyfriend was charged with simple assault and a dui, but along with the dui they gave him wreckless driving and careless driving. We had gotten drunk in Atlantic city(we are from Philadelphia), at first we stayed in a parking garage until we had to leave so he drove a little bit until we pulled over on the AC expressway. At that time we had gotten into an argument which ended in him knocking my head against the dash board (tho it was an accident, I was admittedly in his face and he just swatted me away). I was drunk/stunned because he's never hurt me in our 3 years.. so I got out of the car and flagged down another car, which happened to be a man who was a emt. He said he had to call the police because there was a knot growing on my forehead from the tussle. Anyway so the police show and do the road tests and they booked him for all the accounts ; meanwhile he wasn't driving , we were parked/already pulled over on the shoulder yet he was charged with DUI and the other 3 charges. Also I told the police I DID NOT want to press charges and they charged him with the assault anyway.. They asked me to sign some paper , they did not explain to me what this paper I signed was.
The paper was that you did not want a restraining order. The police must charge if they see injury. That charge yu can...
Will I be charged?
I completely blacked out in Atlantic City and woke up in the ER. I didn't get fluids or anything. I'm pretty sure the cops brought be to the hospital. I don't think I was being disorderly or anything. What happens next? Do I get a ticket or a court date in the mail? My blood alcohol was over 300
No lawyer can answer a question as to whether somebody will be criminally charged when there is no information provided.
DWI NJS 39:4-50 atlantic city
I went to court and plead not guilty in 2-3 days after release. Police did not serve me tickets after release from arrest and its about 6 months now. I found out there is arrest warrant. can it be dismissed?
Go for a legal consultation with an attorney in your area, to confirm that filing a motion to dismiss or something else...
I got a DUI . I'm overstay in USA .what can I do if the ICE hold me in custody after my DUI case ?
I have a I 140 approval while I'm still have a legal status . Now still waiting for the I 485 processing . But I'm have become overstay alien .im from Singapore .this is my 1st DUI it happen at Atlantic city. Before this I have a reckless driving about 6 years ago . I did file my income tax for the pass few years .
1. Get a top criminal defense attorney now. 2. Consult with an experienced immigration lawyer who understands the...