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Am I liable if i knowing allow a person on probation for DUI in Michigan to tend bar or drink in my private non-profit club?
volunteer bartender recently received 2 years probation, no alcohol consumption, and is barred from entering any place that serves alcohol. I told the bar manager that we cannot allow him to be a volunteer bartender. She says its "none of our business and we have no liability
This is a good question, Legally I would consult with a MI attorney, maybe potential liquor license issues? serving in...
Can they arrest someone on the spot for a dui violation?
My brother had a hearing early this morning for a dui violation. His etg came back positive. It is his only violation. No one is able to get a hold of him. Is it possible that he got arrested on the spot? Who can I contact to find out. He did not have a lawyer present at this hearing. Thank you. Oakland county, mi
You need to check two places for him. 1. The court he was in this morning; and 2. The county jail. The court should...
If I refused a breathalyzer test, can I get a restricted license?
I refused a breathalyzer test. I did not appeal in the 2 week period. now I received a letter from the state of Michigan saying my license is suspended for 12 months. can I get a restricted license to go to and from work and to AA meetings?
You have to check the specific law in Michigan. In Washington, the answer to your question is No, you could not get an...
Will a pending DUI that I got in New York show up on a MVR?
I am a Michigan driver that recently got a DUI (which is being reduced to a DUAI) in New York. I pleaded not guilty and I have not been charged yet. I'm now back in Michigan and getting a job that requires a MVR. Will the pending charge from another state show up on my report already?
Not while its pending, only under conviction. However, NY may send a notice to the SOS that you were arrested, but i...
How should I proceed with this CPS case? CPS already conducted a home visit and made me take a drug test at that time.
Hello, thank you for your time. I am located IN Michigan, Gladwin County. CPS has visited me after my baby's menconium tested positive for THC at birth. I tested negative via urine for THC upon delivery. CPS visited my house and conducted a home visit, required me to take a saliva drug test(I know it will be negative for anything), gave me a referral to Community Mental Health I am required to follow up with and asked me to sign a medical record release for myself to show that I tested negative at delivery, I was also told to expect more home visits this month. They told me I would be required to bring my boyfriend in to their office for a drug test(he will also be negative for anything), a family strengths/needs meeting and to sign a saftey plan. How should I proceed from here? Did I already make mistakes by complying?
You may have made no mistakes at all but you could benefit from a consultation with an experienced criminal defense...
Can an etg test be administered at my court appearance/probabtion hearing?
I go to my court hearing in a couple weeks, and I'm wondering if it is possible to be subjected to an etg test that day. The reason I ask is that it is likely that while on probabtion I will not be permitted to consume alcohol, and I'm perfectly fine adhering to this, but I would like to enjoy one last glass of wine with my family the weekend before I go in for sentencing and to find out the details of probation. I can't violate probabtion before it is even issued, right? First offender, owi charge.
It sounds like you've enjoyed enough alcoholic spirits, hence, your problem. If you've been arraigned, then there is...
What will happen if you fail a drug test on bond but your final sentencing was the next day before the drug test results came?
On bond for a dui and had a drug test the day before my last court date. The court didn't have my drug test results in time but I still violated my bond. would it now be a probation violation or what will happen?
Could have a problem. I don't know the specific facts of the violation but if I did I could be helpful.