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What happens if I fail my probation drug test?
I was charged with possession of drugs, it was a felony but was bumped down to a misdemeanor because I am a minor. I have a meeting tomorrow and am excepting to get drug tested. I have smoked marijuana just over 30 days ago. This is the first time my test would show up positive if I do fail. What would happen to me?
So, going forward, you won't put yourself in the future, correct? Assuming you have no prior record for this sort of an...
Is it likely to be drug tested through a diversion program with only an underage consumption of alcoholic beverage charge?
My diversion agreement says I can be randomly drug tested but it has been a month and they did not drug test initially. I know it's possible they can drug test at any time but is it likely since it's just an alcohol charge? I had a friend who went through the same program and was never drug tested. Just curious to why he may not have been.
Well a possible random result is to never get tested. Is it all just a scare tactic to keep you from doing drugs? Maybe....
How likely is it that I will face jail time for a probation violation of operating without license on person?
I was convicted of a misdemeanor OWI in Indiana and was recently cited for violation of restricted license in Michigan. However the prosecutor offered to knock it down to a no ops. If I plead guilty to this could I produce a valid license and do away with the charge and what kind of punishment am I looking at for the violation of probation in Indiana?
Unlikely, but possible. It depends on the terms of your probation, your history and to a degree, your PO. Discuss...
I went to court on November 15 of 2016 for specialized license
On November 15. I was granted my specialized license. It's now Jan9 2017 and the judge hasn't signed my order. He has it but just has t signed. Is this normal to take so long. Seems like I'm getting the run around. Any input would be great.
Did you have an attorney? If so reach out and ask him/her to resolve. Could be the order was not approved as written,...
Could legal obligation compliance (child support) be reviewed during hearing for DUI?
My ex just got arrested for his 2nd DUI in 12 yrs. Is it standard for a prosecutor to look at legal obligation compliance (paying child support) when determining sentencing for DUI? Ive never held him accountable to his obligations per our divorce decree. I am 100% at fault for not doing so. He's paid support sporadically but never through the court system. The back support he owes easily exceeds over $10,000. He's always been able to easily afford the minimal amount of support he owes. He is a very successful business owner (multi millions). And is also a controlling, narcissistic bully who's financial status is his #1 priority. Before divorcing (due to his extra marital affair) he advised "Do not hire a lawyer to go through my finances. I WILL see to it that you regret that decision". I took that and other threats seriously. As a result, his business attorney drafted our divorce decree...very much in his favor. I allowed this. I did/do not trust him or his capabilities if his finances were/are threatened. So my question is could the prosecutor confirm compliance with other legal "obligations" without me being the instigator and having to be fearful of retaliation?
The prosecutor handling the criminal case probably won't address his child support obligations unless the amount he...
On probation 4 minor consumption but am now 22. I'm on probo in Hamilton County Indiana. I drank 2d ago..Will I Be ETG tested???
Never failed a drug test or alcohol test before. On my last month of probation currently.
Hang on, let me check my crystal ball for you. Nope, it's not working. Why even take the chance of being violated at all?
Can 2 DUI affect my GC processing?
I was convicted of dui in 2014 in Wisconsin and I paid all the fines and did everything I was asked to by court. But I faced another dui now in june2017 in Indiana and court has assigned me to probation for a year and I have paid the fines and completed my community service that I was asked for. I am on H1b visa and my company is planning to file my GC next year. Will these two dui conviction cause any issue with my GC approval or my i140. Since the company attorneys will be involved in this how should I proceed with the same.
No, it should not prevent you from adjustment of status.