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How do i know when my probation is complete?
I received a DUI 3 years ago, and am not sure what happens next. How do I know when my probation is complete? Is there paperwork involved? Or is it simply done 3 years after my court date and that's it? Also, how do I go about getting it expunged? And will I have any trouble traveling to another country?
Probation is complete at the end of the term of probation. Three years in your case. You can make an application to...
Can I be charged with a dui for sitting in my car?
Ok quick question. Im drunk right now and locked out of my house. Fortunately my car was unlocked so I'm currently sitting in the drivers seat of my car which happened to be unlocked. My car and house keys are in my house and not in my possession. I also have an open container in the car with me. I have about 9 months left on my probation from my only dui. I've heard lots of stories about people getting busted and hit with a dui while being parked. So I guess my question is can I still be charged? Or am I ok because I don't have keys on me? I'm in San Mateo county California
To be lawfully arrested law enforcement would have to prove you drove the vehicle while intoxicated. However being...
How do I fight my DMV Hearing after my DUI charges have been dismissed in criminal court?
I was very happy that my DUI charges have been dismissed by DA and Judge in criminal court. However, I still have a pending DMV hearing that has been continued 3 times now because the CHP Officer involved in my original arrest have not shown up to the DMV Hearing 2 times in a row. Note: that the DA agreed to dismiss my case because the CHP Officer did not show up to my criminal court pre-trial hearing My Attorney has subpoenaed the CHP Officer for my DMV Hearing but he has not shown up for both DMV Hearings??!! Also, DMV HO has requested the video of the arrest from my Attorney- which I think is odd because that should not be our burden to provide. My questions are: What are the chances of the DMV Hearing Officer to dismiss my case? Is there a limit to how many times that the DMV Hearing Officer can file for continuance? And if the CHP Officer still continues to not show up, can DMV still convict me guilty? Do we need to provide the video of the police arrest to the DMV HO- as they have requested? What legal info or advice do you have in my situation? Thank you
Best advice I can give you is to talk to your attorney, he/she knows better than strangers on the internet who know...
Documents required to apply for citizenship with an expunged DUI charge
Hi! I am a green card holder and would be applying for citizenship in a year. In Nov 2013, I was charged with a wet & reckless in California with a BAC of 0.1 and had two years of probation and a 15 week first offender class. What are the documents I am supposed to submit along with the I-400 form that are pertaining to the charges? Thank you
You should submit a copy of the police report, judgment and any probation papers that you have. When applying for US...
Is my DL suspended if on my suspension order DL is marked as surrendered?
I was arrested for a DUI however at the station I blew a 0.06 BAC and the officer said since you blew below the limit, you get your license back after release, which I did get without having to pay a reissuance fee. I'm just wondering that means if my drivers license is still suspended as I have it with me right now
I'm having trouble understanding your question. If you received a order suspending your license then, yes, it's...
Green Card renewal after DUI conviction
My green card expires in January of 2017. I am getting ready to apply for a renewal, I had a DUI conviction back in 2007 and 2013. What are the chances that my renewal will be denied or that I will be deported? Yes, I know I made a mistake so I am not looking to be crucified for them, just looking for some help.
A green card renewal is not likely to be denied for 2 DUI convictions several years apart.
DUI Refusal question.
My girlfriend just won her writ of mandamus to overturn her DMV refusal. Now as far as the criminal court, the DA is putting a little resistance on her refusal. Just wondering if she can use that civil case success for her coming up dui criminal trial as a leverage to fight that refusal. Thanks
This is a question best answered by her lawyer. The DMV hearing process is not the same as the court process, the...