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How do i know when my probation is complete?
I received a DUI 3 years ago, and am not sure what happens next. How do I know when my probation is complete? Is there paperwork involved? Or is it simply done 3 years after my court date and that's it? Also, how do I go about getting it expunged? And will I have any trouble traveling to another country?
Probation is complete at the end of the term of probation. Three years in your case. You can make an application to...
Hello, I was arrested for DUI in 2012. Is DMV suspension considered being convicted for DUI? DA's office did not file charges.
DA's office gave me a letter that they don't intend to file charges as they believe they won't be able to prove I was above the permissible limit. Also, I was not fingerprinted and photographed. However, I had the DMV hearing and DMV suspended my license. Now I often see that there are questions like "Have you been arrested" to which I answer yes, as I was arrested. I'm confused on the conviction part, for questions like "Have you been convicted for DUI" what should my answer be? Is the DMV suspension considered a conviction? As an additional question, the rental car companies have this clause which says I should not have been convicted for DUI in the past 48 month. What would be my answer in this case? Canada does not allow people with DUI Conviction, does it apply to me? Thanks!
A conviction only occurs in court. You suffered a suspension. Period.
I got a DUI almost 10 years ago in California
i got a DUI almost 10 years ago did my community service and paid my fine. I did not complete my alcohol class. Do I still need to complete the class after 10 years?
Yes you do... or no driver's license. (If you still live in Ca)
If I have 2 DUI convictions from 08 and 09. will I have to get a sr22 to get my license reinstated?
It says you have to have it for 3 years. Is that 3 years from the time of the arrest or conviction? Or 3 years from the time your license is reinstated?
I'm not sure what document is "saying" this, but, YES, you will need to maintain an SR-22 for three (3) years. Just...
Penalties in CA for NJ DUI with CA DL?
I am in the process of discovery in my NJ case. If I am convicted, with a BAC of 0.14, I will face a 7 month license suspension in NJ. What should I expect to happen in terms of my CA license/ driving privileged, fees, penalties, etc. back home in CA? Of note, I work in NJ, but maintain CA residency, no injury or property damage in my case, and I currently have a NJ DUI lawyer on my NJ case.
Good chance your CA license will be suspended if the DMV learns of your conviction. In that case, you'll need to file...
Paid fine in court for a first DUI offence - never arrested, detained, jailed or fingerprinted, in India. DS-160 - Yes or No.
As of now I just have the ticket and fine paid receipt with me - applying for L2B. Any supporting documents that I should carry with me please ?
Definitely a "yes". Need to disclose that, er.. "incident" on the DS-160, by answering "yes" to the question "have you...
How do i enroll in court order drinking drug class? i compleated program in new york but california wont accept it. and i cant
lic back untill i do the class here.
A little more info is required. Did you have a CA or NY license? You got the violation here, but took the class in NY?...