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How do i know when my probation is complete?
I received a DUI 3 years ago, and am not sure what happens next. How do I know when my probation is complete? Is there paperwork involved? Or is it simply done 3 years after my court date and that's it? Also, how do I go about getting it expunged? And will I have any trouble traveling to another country?
Probation is complete at the end of the term of probation. Three years in your case. You can make an application to...
DUI and moving to another state
I plan on moving to California soon and I am worried that a Dui that I got in Florida 8 years ago will affect my job prospect. Is it possible to expunge an out of state dui in California? If so will it completely be eliminated to employers if a background check is done in any other state?
No, it will have to be expunged in Florida, under Florida law. Talk to a Florida criminal defense attorney.
EAD processing + DUI misdemeanor
Hello, I am holding an l2b visa and planning to visit San Francisco for about 4 weeks, apply for EAD (paper copy application via post and NOT online) and return to home country, resign from my current job, serve notice and return back to SF, by when, hopefully i should have touched the 90 days mark to attain an EAD - caveat I have a DUI misdemeanor. Questions: 1) Based on several blogs, it appears that paper application to get an EAD, doesnt always call for fingerprinting. Is that right please- especially with a DUI rider 2) If the above is right, can I shorten my travel from 4 weeks to say 2 weeks, without risking missing a biometrics appointment. 3) What if I miss my biometric appointment.
Most likely you will be given a notice for your biometrics but a DUI alone should not affect you negatively. Biometric...
Restricted lic after second DUI in ca.
in the next three month i will have had my license suspended for 10 yrs for a second DUI. I am enrolled in an 18 month driving school. If I get an interlock device and SR22 can i get a restricted license. I have been to a rehab I have lived in a SLE for over 3yrs.
Provided you were not a refusal, under 21 years at the time of the DUI, or you were not on probation for your prior DUI,...
DUI v/s deportation
Case in pointers: 1) Single DUI in India 2) Applied for L2 dependent visa 3) Declared on DS 160 - deferred for admin processing If i get my visa approved and eventually travel, do i still have to fear the dreaded 'removal' as i understand that now even a single DUI misdemeanor is considered as significant misdemeanor - not sure if it is true for DUI offence on US soil or outside of United States. If i
None of that.. Don't worry and don't read too much stuff on the "web", as you can see that only helps to confuse you...
Hello, I was arrested for DUI in 2012. Is DMV suspension considered being convicted for DUI? DA's office did not file charges.
DA's office gave me a letter that they don't intend to file charges as they believe they won't be able to prove I was above the permissible limit. Also, I was not fingerprinted and photographed. However, I had the DMV hearing and DMV suspended my license. Now I often see that there are questions like "Have you been arrested" to which I answer yes, as I was arrested. I'm confused on the conviction part, for questions like "Have you been convicted for DUI" what should my answer be? Is the DMV suspension considered a conviction? As an additional question, the rental car companies have this clause which says I should not have been convicted for DUI in the past 48 month. What would be my answer in this case? Canada does not allow people with DUI Conviction, does it apply to me? Thanks!
A conviction only occurs in court. You suffered a suspension. Period.
DUI Stamping denied - applying again after almost 3 years
I got DUI in 2011 and traveled to India for stamping and was denied visa stating " DUI in past 12 months class A Ineligible as per DS-2054 " . Now again after almost 3 years i am planning for H1B as my employer is also interested in applying H1B for me . Will i be having a problem again with my VISA , Can proceed with H1B petition again ? what does this "DUI in past 12 months class A DS -2054" means ? Could anyone please help answering this question
Have your employer's lawyer and NOT a NON-ATTORNEY in HR help you. Apparently they want a DS-2054 medical to prove...