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How do I get a open carry permit to carry a gun with a dwi charge
I have a first time dwi charge and would like a permit to a open carry lic.
To carry in Texas, you must (among other things): Be a legal resident of Texas for the preceding 6 months; Be 21...
Is it better to use a local attorney when dealing with a DWI charge? I am a first time case and want the best for this matter.
First time DWI charged. No prior arrests and no prior criminal record.
Local attorneys are familiar with the way the court is run, the nature of the judge and know the prosecutors. So the...
What would cause a capias pro fine warrant to be recalled 5 years later even though I have not made any effort to resolve it?
I was on probation for 2 years, served every bit of it even stayed current on my probation fees , but i never finished paying my fine or court costs and never finished my community service. I was working 65+ hrs per week and had no time for the C.S.. My P.O. flatly stated that if i did not have any hours completed by our next meeting, she would put me in jail. I was a jack ass years befiore when i got my DWI, but have since become a family man/ father of 3. Needless to say i stopped reporting and have made no effort to resolve this problem. I looked up my case online and saw I had a capias pro fine warrant issued in 07, then in 20011 it was recalled. status DPR? what does this mean and how could it be?
Every so often an office does an audit and clears out cases that are five years or older. Not all offices do this. This...
Will I go to prison for 3rd DWI if I already have a felony on my record?
I thought my 2nd DWI was reduced to reckless driving but it's showing up DWI. I have 2 felony burglary of habitations that got ran concurrent in 1998 and was put on probation.That probation was revoked and I was sentenced to 5 years TDC.I got out on parole in 2003.Completed parole,got 1st DWI in 2004,did 30 days in jail,2nd DWI that I thought was reduced to reckless driving in 2007,did 3 days in jail,just got DWI June 2nd.What am I looking at?Is it possible for me to get probation with other felony on my record or am I going to prison?Any help and info will be greatly appreciated.
You need to call some DUI attorneys in your area to discuss the case in more detail. 3rd DWI is serious. The past...
Can i legally marry my ex felon fiance while I'm on felony probation without being revoked? His felony was 6 years ago and has
not been in trouble since then. I am on felony Dwi probation. Can I be revoked for marrying him? Thank you for any feedback.
You need to contact counsel in Texas for a formal legal opinion. I would contact an attorney that specializes in felony...
What are my chances of getting my probation reinstated without going to prison or rehab?I'm on felony Dwi probation.I failed ua
in November for thc and alcohol and admitted it.Officer said I tested positive for alcohol in December which I hadn't drank anything.So I was unsuccessfully discharged from substance abuse counseling.I reported Tuesday,my officer said he filed to revoke me Monday.I go to AA meetings,do my community service,report, and I've just started a job.Now I'm gona go to jail and lose my job which was hard for me to get in first place.If I get a lawyer,can they help me get it reinstated or will it be a waste of money?Can they file a motion for a bond?So maybe I can get out and not lose my job.What are my chances of being reinstated?If I go to prison,I have 5yrs.TDC.I really need good advice on what might happen?I'm praying I can get it reinstated.Thanks very much!
You are facing a VERY serious situation here. Find yourself the best criminal/DUI defense attorney you can no matter...
How long does it take to get a warrant for motion to revoke probation? I am on felony Dwi probation.Probation said I tested
positive for alcohol in December.I didn't drink anything.It was a alcohol urine test.I report tomorrow and hoping for the best since I didn't do anything.But I know that they won't believe me so I'm trying to prepare myself to go to jail for something I didn't do and that's hard.Do the courts in Henderson County,TX accept these tests in court?I've read on internet that they're not reliable and can test positive for incidential exposure.How can they use these tests if they're not reliable?This is peoples lives they're dealing with.
You need to hire a criminal defense attorney. They will likely do another test on you tomorrow and if you test...