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  • Police Make Arrest in 16-Year-Old Homicide Investiga...

    Monday Jun 27 | via Your News Now 

    The Otsego County District Attorney's Office says Callahan ran his wife Elizabeth over with a tractor trailer in the parking lot of the Dandy Mart in Sayre, Pennsylvania. The incident was originally investigated by Police in Athens, Pennsylvania, but the New York State Police Major Crimes Unit assisted a short time later after the victim's family expressed concerns she had been murdered by her husband.


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Athens Law

Do I still have to pay DUI fines if I served my entire sentence incarcerated?
I was sentenced for a misdemeanor DUI to 2 months to 1 year. I was incarcerated for the entire year without parole and was told by a few people that I would not have to pay the fines.
You received bad advise. You are still obligated to pay costs and fines.
Can I get released early from probation?
I was convicted of DUI (2nd offense) and was sentenced to from 180 days to 18 months of incarceration that began on 3/19/2012 . I was released from jail on 9/17/2012 and am now on probation. Can I file to be released from probation early? I have completed all requirements except for a few hours of community service and some of the fines. These can be taken care of within a few weeks.
You should contact your attorney. I do not believe that you can "file something" to alter the court approved terms....
Is this DUI facially insufficient?
Hi, I know a girl who was charged with a third offense DUI when in fact she has never had any priors. She described the cop as very overzealous. I was wondering if she could have the charges dismissed due to this "error" on the part of the police or DA?
A person wo commits a third DUI in Pennsylvania within 10 years and who is at the highest level(third tier) of...
In Pennsylvania when you get a DUI, if you are not arrested at the time of the incident, do you get arrested later or get mail?
I was not arrested at the time of the inceident. Will they come arrest me now or will I get something in the mail?
This is a bit unusual. When you are stopped you are usually asked to preform field sobriety tests. Depending upon how...
I wasnt pulled over, but arrested for a dui anyway
officer said i high beamed, he pulled up behind me after my passenger and i were out of the car walking toward the door to go inside, he called me over with "hey you, come here". the case has gone to sentencing, i have 10 days to pull my plea, my lawyer hasnt fought for me nor explains anything to me. the officer lied on the stand and most his testimony was "i dont recall' he doesnt recall if he checked my license and registration, etc. i plead guilty because the DA and judge agreed to 45 jail, 45 house arrest, at sentencing i got 60/60 and the 60 house arrest was questionable based on probations paperwork which that was false as well. (i had a dui 4 yrs ago, ARD) my lawyer hasnt done a thing to help me, doesnt even return my calls. should i pull plea and go with a jury trial?
I would love to give you an answer that you could hang your hat on but there is just too much to discern on too many...
CRN Evaluation
I am pending admittance into the ARD program. I blew a .185. I went to the CRN and had to take a urine test which I know I failed and also answer the questionaire. They called me in again to take another urine test a month later. I also know I will fail this one. My question is I was told that this will determine how long I will be on the ARD program. Why are they continuing to test me and if I fail them can they send me to jail? I thought that until they start my ARD program I am not violating anything? Thank you.
The CRN is normally done after a conviction or admission into ARD or DDAP. If you are not yet admitted, it is a factor...
Can I be convicted of a DUI if I was not in the car?
Charged with a DUI but I was not in the car when the cops arrived nor did I have possession of the keys. Not involved in an accident . Cops came because of a fight.
Maybe. There is not enough information to know the answer to that question. The Commonwealth would have to prove that...