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  • Ohio's crime lab struggles with persistent problems

    Sunday Dec 25 | via The Columbus Dispatch 

    As Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and top officials at the state's crime lab prepared for their first public comments about an embattled former forensic scientist, they decided to stress how much has improved. But emails, memos, personnel files and internal-investigation reports obtained by The Dispatch show that in the past five years, the BCI continued to experience some of the same problems as when Yezzo worked there.


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What can we do.? Why did he throw one thing out and add another. Do driver test, explain this
My Daughter was stopped for driving slow. He also said she was weaving in and out of traffic. He made her take a acahol test. she fail the test. He took her to jail. She had court today. Her public defender argued that, he had no right to stop her, and she wasn't weaving. The judge agreed but then changed it to. she used her light signal wrong asking for a car to go around her, can he do that?. She is under age, stopped for drinking, and now a safety violation. When she was stopped for driving slow. He is trying to charge her for under age driving.
If I am understanding correctly, the officer said today, for the first time, that your daughter did not use her turn...
Is my boyfriend going to do time in jail and how long? What's going to happen?
My boyfriend was 18 and got a DUI in Indiana. That was 13 years ago. He was pulled over for speeding and then arrested for a felony 5 warrant. There is no bail. He hasn't gotten in trouble the last 4 to 5 years.
Indiana F-5 or Ohio F-5? I cannot tell you about Indiana but in Ohio F-5 is up to 12 months in prison. No attorney...
Can I fight this underage consumption charge?
I was at a concert near OU April 18th. I was just about to leave when my friend and I were stopped by two undercover cops with ODPS Investigative Unit. They asked if we were 21 and I said no. They immediately placed me under arrest and took me to a tent where they started filling out summons paperwork. Not until halfway through the paperwork did they give me any test to see if I was drunk. They had me follow a pen with my eyes and the guy did it very quickly and did not seem to care as he was already halfway through the paperwork. The "evidence" was that I had bloodshot watery eyes, 6/6 HGN, slurred speech, and staggering. I know for a fact my speech was not slurred because I was not very intoxicated, also it was in a muddy field, you could barely walk carefully anyway. Can I beat this??
You certainly can fight this but I recommend you hire a lawyer to fight it. Field sobriety testing is not very reliable....
Can I call the municipal court to find out if I was formally charged with an open container or underage?
Do not have any citation papers because I have lost them.
If you were an adult when you were charged then you can call and ask. If it happened when you were under 18, then the...
Ohio residents arrested for DUI in Nashville. I was passenger and employee was driver. What are we to expect?
Working in Nashville for three days. Went downtown to listen to music. Pulled over by Metro. What can I do to minimize adverse impact on on penalties and adverse impact on business ?
You should retain an attorney in Nashville. Also, repost with Nashville as your location so TN lawyers will see this...
My daughter, age 20, drank at a party in the afternoon, stopped drinking at 6 pm, then was pulled over for speeding at 1:20 am.
She was speeding, not driving erratically, pulled over. Officer states he smelled alcohol, subjected her to 5 sobriety tests, which she passed. She refused the breathylyzer cuz she has been told multiple times "don't ever blow." She was arrested for OVI. They are offering a reckless op, with one year license suspension, $750 fine, 50 hrs community service, and three day inhouse diversion program. Seems a lot for someone who was not impaired, was driving safely, ( other than speeding), and is dean's list student at OU. She is in the nursing program, and we are concerned about obtaining a nursing license. Can we ask for a better deal?
You can ask, but you wont get it. The only better option is to lawyer up and go to trial.
Hi, my name is Heidi and I had a question concerning a OVI.
Hi, my name is Heidi and I had a question concerning a OVI. This is my first offense and I feel like the Breathalyzer did not get an accurate result. I am 115lbs and it read a .157. I was fully functional, had my seat belt on, was alone in my car, driving the speed limit, but just happened to turn down a one way which in my town is not hard at all. I went to correct myself and to turn around back onto the main road and by the time I had pulled over I then seen the officer behind me. I have my receipt, I had spent $10, and maybe drank 3 beers over the course of 4 hours. 5 minutes before the Breathalyzer I had also been chewing gum. As I mentioned this is my first offense, I have had no speeding tickets, no seat belt tickets or anything else along those lines. I was curious as to what actions I should take?
Heidi, there is only one action to take; retain an experienced dwi attorney inyour area to represent you. There are...