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Whats the difference between dismissed and withdrawn?
Got a dui and the cop had no training in dui or dui sobriety field testing. And over all the judge withdrew the careless driving and dimissed the dui. Whats the difference in withdrawn and dismissed? Thank you
With respect, the judge cannot withdraw the charges. You may misunderstand what actually occurred. Have you discussed...
I'm defending myself for my dui preliminary hearing because I'm applying for ARD. How do I waive my rights to the hearing?
Do I waive my rights to the hearing before I enter the court room or once I'm already in the court room with the judge? How exactly do I go about saying I want to waive my right to the preliminary hearing?
On the date and time you are scheduled to appear for your preliminary hearing, you simply tell the judge you want to...
If I am on unsupervised probation for a DUI in PA and was on the ARD program, am I able to go out of state for vacation?
DUI for marijuana & posession in Chester county P.A.
Call your probation officer first and ask him/her. It shouldn’t be an issue unless there is a provision that you have...
What happens if I fail the initial drug test for a drug and alcohol course or probation following a DUI?
Hello! Recently, I received a DUI for driving under the influence of marijuana. Unfortunately, I was not really thinking about a possible drug test and indulged in marijuana roughly three days ago. I have not yet gone to court, and the court date is January 2nd. I've spoken with a lawyer who knows the judge, and he says my sentence will most likely be drug and alcohol classes as well as community service and probation. Given how long marijuana stays in your system, I most likely will not pass the initial drug test if they drug test me either for the drug and alcohol classes or probation. I was wondering, what would the consequences be if and when I fail the test for the very first time? I am a first time offender and have never been convicted of anything before. Also, I live in Maryland but was arrested in Pennsylvania, and I'm aware that PA laws regarding marijuana are significantly more strict. Any help would be appreciated!
It really depends on the County in which the charges are pending as well as the Judge who has jurisdiction. Since you...
I did not finish my 100 hours of community service within my 90 day time frame. Will I go to jail?
I’m in the first offenders program for a dui. When I spoke with my probation officer she told me I had until January 15th to complete them. Turns out it was December 15th. I’ve completed 25 hours before December 15th. And I have completed an additional 18 hours this week. I have to go see my probation officer January 5th. If I complete the hours before then do you think I will be okay or no because it wasn’t within the 90 day time frame?
At this point, I strongly suggest you get the 100 hours completed before your next appointment. Hopefully, the PO will...
What are the consequences for an underaged drinking citation as a passenger in the car?
My friend got pulled over and got charged with a DUI. I was a passenger in the back seat and got a citation for underaged drinking. There was no alcohol present in the car.
Depends on the defendan't s criminal history. Contact a local criminal defense attorney aSAP.
How do I know my citation carries a license suspension
I got a citation today in the mail for "purchase etc alcoholic beverage by a minor" and it carries a fine of $304, but does not mention whether or not my license will be suspended. How do I know before I plead guilty? Also for context, I was caught walking down the street holding an open beer and blew a .00.
If you are under 21 and were carrying an open container of alcohol that is a violation. It also carries a license...