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need to get my driving priviledge back
Yes. Just go to court and ask a judge to reinstate you on a payment plan and/or let you pay off the fine balance. A...
i got an open container ticket today. I was driving on a suspended license legally. how will this affect me?
I'm not sure what you mean by your question - "I was driving on a suspended license legally." I'm also not sure what...
I was pulled over on cinco de mayo and after telling the officer no I haven't had anything to drink he made me get out of my car, searched me with my consent, searched my vehicle, made me do FST, took me down to the station to blow and 0.00 was the result and never told me why he pulled me over. Being hispanic on cico de mayo not drunk????????
No, the officer does not need to tell you why he stopped you. You would find out if the case made it's way to court...
If drugs are in my system but wasn't impaired do drive. Police report said my coordination was normal eyes were normal pulse was regular everything he wrote was normal. Does this mean that i'm under the influence.
You are likely referring to 23152(a) driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In essence the prosecutor...
I was pulled over and charged with dui, but i blew a 0.00 bac but tested positive for drugs with a urine test. Drugs stay in your system for 4 or more days so I wasnt under the influence at the time of arrest, can my case be dismissed or evidence be surpressed do to no probable cause
First, lets be careful about the terminology we are using. A police officer does not need probable cause to pull you...
cop pulled me over and asked me if i was drinking, asked me for my license, it was suspended, asked me to step out so he can pat me down for weapons, didn't believe me i wasnt drinking. My passenger had paraphanalia so the cop then started asking me about using. I tested positive for drugs but wasnt under the influence that day. I blew a 0.00 bac and the officer never told me why he pulled me over
I would not address whether or not you can "beat" a case. However, you may well have valid defenses, which, if raised...
Proof of enrollment was submitted, I am not in violation of probation, Riverside clerk has my proof of enrollment and has not entered it, Therfore on the date the order to be enrolled in rolled around, and the computer kicked out an alleged, allegation, that I've violated probation. I just need to reach Riverside. Clerks office, and submit another proof via fax and I'm sure the will retract the order to appear. I'm out of their area, I live in San Luis Obispo, hate to drive there, just to show them again I've complied with courts, orders. Anything I can do on my end to prevent having to drive 7 hours for a alleged violation, which they received proof I enrolled, It's just not been entered into there computer yet. I can't get a physical person on the phone, all automated. Thanks
You can hire a lawyer to do it for you. Shouldn't cost more than a few hundred dollars- or less.