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Violation of non- dui ARD and penalties for current charges
Entered into a "hit and run" Ard in Aug. Just got busted for... Posession, driving on suspended license, dui and endangering a minor( 14 yrs old). What are penelties for violation of ard and current charges?
The penalties are going to be the same as they were before you were placed on Ard. Without leaving the scene of...
Can a polygraph test be admissible in criminal court under any circumstances in Pennsylvania?
I was asked to take a polygraph and did so. I failed the polygraph, but was not lying. Now I may be charged with something that there is no physical evidence for and to which I have numerous statements proving it wasn't possible for me to commit the crime. Outside of the polygraph the only evidence is my word against theirs.
Whether or not the results of the polygraph are admissible is NOT the relevant question. The relevant question is why...
What what can I expect to happen next?
Almost a month ago I was pulled over with my husband and family for dark tint in the window and, apparently, following the car in front of us too closely. However, everyone slowed down at that time, because they saw the officer. The officer smelled marijuana and, because of probable cause, was able to search our van. He found one ounce of marijuana, one gram of hash oil, and paraphernalia for marijuana. Neither of us claimed it was ours. He said if one of us would claim it then he would let us go on a summary. But since neither of us would claim anything I went to be fingerprinted and photographed. I was never given a preliminary arraignment and have not heard anything since. I don't know if I'm being charged and what the charges are. This is my second drug offense if I am charged. I was convicted of possession with intent to deliver on 10 seedling marijuana plants in 2009. I'm just wondering what I can expect to happen next.
What can you expect to happen next? You can expect to receive a summons in the mail. When you do, immediately seek...
Dui related
If i were already charged and have to serve balance, 6 months. Is there a way i can appeal and things can turn on my favor? Or is there a way i would get good time or reduction on my sentence?
I think, based on your question, you are facing a parole violation following a DUI Conviction. The answer is No....
How will getting a dui in Pennsylvania affect a NY driver?
Got a dui in Pennsylvania but I'm from New York. Will it be a misdemeanor? How will It affect my license? Will my license be revoked in NY? This is my first offense, but bac level was over 2.
First and foremost, it is important to deal with the DUI. There are a number of potential defenses to DUI. As an...
Second time offender DUI related
I was on ARD and a day or two before getting my licence back, crashed and walked away from scene, haven't got charged yet, will at the end of the week. Just got caught driving under suspended license for 2nd time, would i be eligible for house arrest, they wanna give me serve balance. I do not wanna go to jail!!!
Consult local criminal defense counsel to minimize the likelihood of jail time.
How much time could I get for a DUI it will be my sixth one over the years
I was on probation and wrecked my car I hit a mailbox a Nd got a DUI I had 2 months to go on probation this will be my 6th DUI over the years my last one was 2011 but sentenced 2012 in Adams county pa
The answer depends on a few factors. The first relates to your BAC. The second relates to the number of prior...