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What is the lightest and worst sentence for a second offense dui with dui/diversion completed within 6 years of the first?
The judge denied our motion to suppress evidence. Pre-trial and Trial are coming up in 3 weeks.
The minimum sentence required for a DUI conviction is 48 hours of jail or 80 hours of community service. The maximum...
If you have a California license and get a DUI in Oregon will your California license get suspended?
The driver only has a license in California and wants to know if a DUI on their Oregon driving record will cause a suspension of their California license??
Yes. It would be incredibly unlikely that the Oregon DMV would fail to send a notice of suspension to any states...
Will another state revoke my license after my license gets revoked in Oregon?
I am going to take a plea deal on a conviction due to the fact that my case is very near impossible on trying . I've spoken with my public defender and two other lawyers , one of whom which I hired to represent me at my DMV hearing . This is my third offense so I'm facing a lifetime revocation , however Oregon has a law that I can get it back after 10 years . We are going to delay trial until a year has passed , so that my initial suspension will be up , at which time I'm going to get my license back in Oregon and transfer it to another state , then accept the plea which will result in the revocation . What will happen to my driving privilege after the revocation takes effect ? There are a few states that aren't in the Driver License Compact , would a license in those states work ?
Possibly after a year. Check into Colorado and Alabama for two I can think of.
I am a ca licensed driver who has a dui in oregon and oregon mandates that i have an iid can i drive in ca without the iid
provided i complete the requirements of the oregon diversion
Ask a California lawyer. They're the only ones who can advise about what's legal in California.
My son (21) got 2 DUIs in 1 year. The judge is recommending to (public defender) 120 consecutive days in jail. realistic?
Came out of Military, One month shy of finishing diversion when he got the 2nd. Has now moved to portland with his dad, he is working.
Jail time as a punishment for two DUIs in one year is not unrealistic. Hire an aggressive DUI attorney in the area...
I have a drunk neighbor from hell. He opens his door, curses my dogs and me and goes back inside. He does this regularly.
The hurassment from this nut is constant. My remidy must be legal of course. What would be some legal remedies I could persue against this freak?
You could file a noise complaint with city law enforcement.
What is the most lenient punishment a minor charged with vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated can receive if found guilty?
This is a hypothetical in regards to a play script. It is the situation of the main character--age is somewhat flexible. We're looking for what sort of punishment and court proceedings would be involved. Thank you.
The most lenient would likely involve probation (with standard conditions: go to school, don't break any laws or...