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My son entered a strangers house while intoxicated.
The people did not want to press charges, but the police said they had to in order for them to remove him from the house. He was charged with criminal trespass and taken to jail. Is this a felony and will he have to serve time for this?
He should consult with a local defense attorney.
Can a Fish and Game warden wright a mip a month later
i was caught drinking by a police officer. it sparked a big investigation because of many earlier incidences involving other kids. Last night a Fish and game Warden came and wrote me a MIP.
I am not licensed in Montana, but in California, where I am licensed, there are many offenses that an officer must...
What, if anything is there any possibility to get out of a DUI caused by slippery road conditions and not being pulled over?
My brother and I were driving home, about a mile from our house we got turned around into a snow drift caused by slippery/icy road conditions. We were in the process of pushing the vehicle out when two cops drove by. They didn't help us they immediately went to check both of our license and left the vehicle in the road (which was dangerous to other driver's passing) my brother was then cited for DUI and taken away. I ended up helping them get the vehicle out after waiting in the back of a patrol car.
The reason for the stop, here, an accident, is a legal reason for the cops to approach you. The fact you got into an...
How likely is it that I will be charged with a DUI if the judge asks me if I had been drinking and I answer "yes"?
Backed into a car in a parking garage. So slight I didn't think anything off it and left. No traffic stop. Went home. Contacted next day by law enforcement. Reported for interview. Charged with; 1. Careless driving. 2. Failure to notify law enforcement. 3. Failure to provide insurance card to other driver. Incident is on video, quality unknown. Appearance is in a "Notice to appear and complaint in municipal court" setting.
Your question raises 5th amendment protection issues. Given the careless driving charge and its effect on your...
How likely is it to prove a cop is lying in his statement?
I got a DUI and planned on fighting it but in the officers statement he wrote that I called my lawyer and when off the phone he asked if I’d like to place another call in which I supposedly said no. When really I called my dad and when asked if I wanted to call my lawyer I said no. This occurred in Alberta not in the US
it is very unlikely you will prevail. I"m not sure this makes a difference in a dui defense anyway.
What is usually the basic fee for a dui attorney around the Hardin Montana area?
Got a dui in Hardin Montana and live in Texas. Was there on work assignment and was my last night there. I’m never heading back to Montana. Posted bail 100% fine and need legal advice ASAP.
A DUI is expensive, it can cost thousands of dollars. Be prepared to spend around $5,000 or more before it is over.
What would be the charge for having a DUI in Montana
What would be the charge for getting a DUI in Montana having a bracelet put on to be let out of jail to go home for Christmas cut off bracelet and flee the state got picked up in a different state extradited back to Montana what would be the charges
Moving question to criminal defense category to get answers from local lawyers.