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What is the penalty for a violation for driving on dui probation?
My husband was seen by his probation officer driving, he said he would talk to his supervisor and get back to him in the morning. But he is doing everything hes supposed to working, classes, and alcohol monitor etc.
Is his license suspended and he either doesn't have driving privileges and/or is ineligible to get a privilege at this...
How do I go about getting information about a financial hardship waiver for an Ignition Interlock system? [email protected]
It has been over 20 years since I lost driving privileges in NC. I am now trying to get back but can't afford Interlock system. How do I secure application for financial hardship? Sober 10 years! [email protected]
Consult with a local attorney. However, I would not get my hopes up. It does not matter how much time passes DMV...
Had 3 DUI,s 1986,89,91 had license and Ignition Interlock,Haven't drank since 91,my car motor blew had 2 give my licence up.
Had last DWI In 1991,had my licence with Interlock device,my motor blew and I had to surrender them voluntarily,Last DWI I was 27 now I'm 53 and need my licence I have became disabled,I've had them back a couple times but due to motor troubles have had to give them up,Ronald Reagan was present when I got my first two and George Bush SR when got last one,,I need to get past having the Interlock but can't seem to.I feel this Is far to long to pay for this..I'm getting old now and need some good help.
I think you have two options: Get the interlock for a year, or move to another state. By this point, you probably...
Is failing to comply with their drivers restriction at probation violation if I'm on probation for a DUI?
I got pulled over and had drunk some alcohol and I blew over and my restrictions is on my license but I was only charged with a citation can I just pay the citation off
I'm unclear with what happened. What was the citation for? Sounds like you're convicted of a DWI, got a restricted...
What should I expect since my smart start violated me for a milkshake and energy drink.
I got violated for a milkshake then a month or so later for a energy hearing is super close and I'm scared of loosing my license or having that device longer in my car because it's scheduled to come out in April this year and im ready for this to be over. I lost my license in 2005 and got them back 2016 did lots to get them back including tons of money just wish nothing changes just don't know what to expect at this hearing
1. Always rinse your mouth out with water before using an interlock. 2. Don't go to the hearing without being...
I got a DUI in Louisiana 26 years ago I had a SC drivers license. I never got my SC license reinstated. Can I get NC license?
I never got licensed again. I lived in Germany and had German or Usera licensed I now reside in NC. Will I have to do almost of the stuff it takes to get NC license?
Why don't you just go to a local DMV office, apply and find out?
Can I take a med prescribed to my husband to rest while on probation for dwi. .I have a prescription for for anxiety
Is taking a non prescribed med a violation of probation for dwi..I have a valid prescription but take another one at times to sleep
Look at the terms and conditions of your probation, but taking medication that is not prescribed to you personally...