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Drunk in public under DUI probation?
I am on probation for DUI and two days ago i got arrested for drunk in public. I live in virginia. how much will that affected my DUI? Will i be sentenced to jail?
Usually a term of probation is to complete ASAP and not consume alcohol for the term of probation. If no alcohol is...
Can I take a DUI conviction from 2015 back to the courts?
I was convicted of a DUI in January of 2015 in NeW Jersey. I was ordered to a 6 month suspension, 12 hours of an alcohol education program and then an assessment by a licensed clinician to see if further treatment is needed. Since VA found out about the charge, I had to comply with NJ requirements plus an added 1 year suspension. I have completed 20 hours of alcohol education, fulfilled my time of suspension and am now in a 16-week program. The reason I want to take my case back to the court is because the licensed clinician stated that she doesn't feel I have an issue with substance abuse, but wants me to do the program anyway solely because I was charged with a DUI. The department of mental health and addiction services here is requiring me to meet with them 3 times a week for one hour sessions as well as going to 2 AA meetings a week. It's completely degrading to me because I do not have a substance abuse issue. I just want my license back.
You have an option to appeal after your conviction. There a time limits for appeals. If you miss them, your opportunity...
If a cop doesn't give you a DUI at the scene or inform you of your BAC or results of your other tests, what should I do?
I was given a reckless driving and possession of alcohol ticket. I am 19 and my parents don't know that I was drinking while driving. I have been told my BAC will be brought up in court, but I wasn't given it. I was given other tests and wasn't told if I passed. I understand they tried to give me another chance by not charging me with a DUI, but can they still when I get to court. I have never had any prior charges with the law of any sort and have good grades and no accidents prior to this. I understand I deserve a punishment but would like to understand to what extent this could be. While the punishment does vary judge to judge, I was wondering if this will get taken off my record somehow since it is NOT a felony because they didn't charge me with a DUI.
Go ahead and tell your parents about this. They will help you hire a good lawyer. A conviction for this will stay on...
What should I expect fine wise, license wise, and will my bac be brought up in court? Would getting an attorney help?
I am 19 years old and I was driving under the influence. My flip flop got stuck on the gas and I hit another car. Everyone was okay and I have a 500$ deductible so I am only worrying about court fees for each ticket and consequences to my license. Instead of a DUI i received a reckless driving and possession of alcohol. I understand that what I did was wrong and I have never done anything of the sort. I am paying for all of this on my own so would like an estimate. Also, will the judge mention my bac in court even though I wasn't given a DUI?
You need to at least consult with a traffic defense attorney. The penalty for reckless driving includes a possible jail...
Should I send my reconsideration letter to the judge, and what are the chances that he will read it.
I was sentenced to 18 months for my third dui, driving on suspended and giving false identification to avoid arrest. The dui was dropped to 2nd dwi, it became a misdemeanor, so I'm doing half the time. After a month in jail I was released on house arrest. while I was in jail a few of the other inmates wrote letters to the judge and had their time reduced. I want to see if I write a letter directly to the judge what are the chances that he'll read it?
You're on house arrest now and would like the judge to reconsider your sentence? Careful what you wish for--the judge...
I tested positive on a etg test and have not been drinking. what can I do?
this test was taken by vasap
I assume this was a urine test for alcohol. What should you do? Be nice and polite and otherwise 110% compliant with...
I was charged with a DUI with a BAL of .15. There was no accident, no children in the car and it is my first offense. I
I live in Loudoun County Virginia. Is it possible to get my charge reduced to a .14 to avoid going to jail for the mandatory 5 days?
It is possible, but there is not enough information from what you have provided to know how likely it is. In addition,...