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Is it possible to not serve jail time if someone is charged with 4 separate DUI's in a months time? All cases are pending.
An individual has a valid driver's license but is charged with 4 seperate DUI's in a months time period in 3 separate municipalities. All are a result from suspicion of being under the influence of drugs, no motor vehicle accidents occurred, no criminal charges (possession, etc.) were pressed and the individual has displayed efforts to get themselves clean.
This is impossible to answer at this point. Moe info is needed to answer this question such as the persons prior...
Can I sue Dexcom for this?
My son is 5, a type 1 diabetic. Please google type 1 diabetes BEFORE responding if you don't know what it is.. it's nothing like type2 . That being said he uses a continuous glucose monitor (made by dexcom) they had a class 1 recall for the monitors speaker not alerting, which intern would cause a severe low or high blood sugar unnoticed. So death.. I have since returned that receiver or a exchange of a new receiver within recall guidelines. Since then I have returned 4 more, not part of the recall, and now for the 5th time!!! My son spent the entire day in the ER hooked up to and iv being poked am tested numerous times to prevent a diabetic coma because he woke so high because the dexcom never alerted us in the night... which is it's main function !! Of course they replace free of charge now a 5th time.. but now I'm more then angry because this kind of tragedy could have been prevented which is the entire purpose of the Device to begin with! Do I have a case?
I would think you might find an attorney to do something, but a class action sounds more like the way it would go. He...
Would it be advisable for me to file a hardship motion with the court requesting that interlock installation be waived?
I was convicted of dui in June 2014 - this was my first offense, first time ever in trouble with law enforcement - however, because my bac reading was over .15, in addition to license suspension for 7 months, I was to install an interlock device during suspension, and for 7 months following reinstatement -technically, a total of 14 months, which would have concluded in Aug 2015. Because no longer able to drive, I had to seek alternative employment, as my job was not on any public trans. schedule. Due to considerably less pay. and addition of DUI fines, I had no choice but to file bankruptcy in Nov. 2015. Not long after filing bankruptcy, I received a notice from DMV stating I was not responsible for DMV surcharge fines 'at this time' and could have license reinstated. After paying $200, was told I had to provide certificate to prove I had interlock installed. Explained I gave up my car when I lost license, and was told I could provide anybody's interlock certificate - in so many words, after many questions to reconfirm what I was being told.
The judge does not have discretion to waive your interlock. It id mandatory with a BAC of .15.
Having problems getting d6 from florida for a jersey license
i got a dui in 2007 i did everything but the 1 yr interlock they said i got to get it on my car but the problem is i cant get insurance in nj to get a car registered to put the interlock on it its a catch 22 what are my options can you help out
You need a NJ attorney to assist you with this.
If one is arrested for dwi in NJ, do I have the right to refuse field sobriety tests as long as I submit to breath/blood tests?
I've a friend who was arrested for dwi; she refused to submit to field sobriety tests, but willingly submitted to a blood alcohol test; are there penalties for failing to submit to the field sobriety tests, as long as she agreed to a blood alcohol sample?
NJ statutes do not require you to submit to FST. You are required to take the Alcotest. There are not many other things...
My boyfriend has a dui on his record- in 2014- he is applying for a chemist job- non driving related/job related job..
he is writing on the application that he has this dui- but again, applying for a job where driving is not job related (only to commute) can the employer dismiss him because of the dui- even if it is not job related? we live in NJ
Yes. Often the insurance carrier for liability will insist on it.
I have a ticket for driving on suspended license for DWI for first time. And no registration. Can it downgraded with a lawyer?
I moved a car from where I live from the driveway to the street to park it.
You may not drive a car for any reason if your license is suspended, even for that short a distance. If it’s suspended...