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Will I need another 12 months of interlock?
Last year, I failed 3 times and had to keep my interlock for another 12 months. Low and behold, I've failed 3 times again. Will they assign another 12 months this time or take my license completely? I failed all 3 times a long time ago, as I've been clean and sober now for 6 months, went to rehab, etc. Is it worth having a hearing? I'm also moving to Kansas in a month so how will that affect everything?
This is the DMV imposing these requirements, correct? It is hard to predict what the DMV will do. I would contact...
Need an attorney to file a motion for me to either get me off probation or put on unsupervised.
I plead guilty to a DWAI reduced from a DUI in Jefferson County (Judge V. Carpenter). No BAC since i refused because i was scared. I was sentenced to 2 years of probation, 22 hours of community service, MADD Panel, Level II education, Track A therapy, and monitored sobriety. This was my first offense, and there was no accident. I will be done with all conditions of my sentence next week, but will only have been on probation for 7 months. I have a young child that lives out of state whom i have not been able to see since this happened. Before travel permits are suggested, in my line of work i cannot get guaranteed time off that far in advance. I have also had to pass up two job promotions during this time, and there is another one coming up that i dont want to have to pass on again. cont'd
Work with your PO to make sure that these modifications are possible and that they are on board with the proposed...
Does my suspension for a refusal with my dui run simultaneously with the license suspension from the court date?
I got a year suspension for the refusal and then another year for the dui itself.
You have not provided enough information for any attorney to answer your question. Go get a full copy of your Colorado...
Assault and Battery (Domestic Violence) and DUI charge. (Colorado)
My girlfriend has had some alcohol problems and received a domestic violence summons in city court, then a few weeks later got a DUI charge resulting in a non injury crash at fault. She is extremely worried about getting jail time, and surely she will have to take a lot of classes and probation, but what is the likelihood of her receiving jail time? 30 year old female, no prior charges. Case in question is in Aurora, CO
She's going to need a lawyer anyway, so her best bet is to engage one who will see the evidence against her and be able...
Does the DMV have to reschedule a new hearing within 30 days for officer requested continuance?
Original hearing was set for 6-6-14 but officer was granted a continuance.
No. There is no time requirement. Feel free to speak with an attorney to discuss your concerns in greater detail
DMV hearing on 6-6-14,officer was granted a continuance. How long does the DMV legally have to reschedule another hearing.
My Notice of Revocation was issued on 4-15-14.
For an officer reschedule the DMV can set outside the mandatory 60 day requirement.
If a person has to take dui classes and accepts medicaid insurance, is it mandatory for the client to submit extra documentation
Client is fulfilling court-ordered mandates w/ regard to AE classes. Facility is imposing a battery of additional evaluations (not ordered by court) for information and intends to add additional counseling to client. Can the client refuse this "treatment" and as well refuse submitting the extra documentation? Is this required by Medicaid or the facility offering the classes?
If the facility is asking for additional requirements as far as treatment and their request does not impose an undue...