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First DUI charge, no transportation to and from school/work.
I got my first DUI about a month ago and my license is set to expire for 30 days. There is no public transportation from where I live since I live on a farm far away from any public transportation routes. Is there anything I can do?
After 30 days of the suspension you will be able to get a restricted license from the DMV. You must meet certain...
How serious could "Rape of Intoxicated person" and "Oral Copulation of Intoxicated Person" Charges be in my case.
Im a 22yr. Old Male. Never been in trouble. Work 2 jobs. Ive never gotten out of control when consuming alcohol. I control it very well. My Roomates and I had several friends over on a friday night. This girl and I hit it off right away, and had a good time. One thing led to another and we ended up having sex. She never said stop or no, nor did I force anything upon her. The following morning she seemed upset and didnt say much and left my house. She decided 6 days later to file those charges on me and I get an Invitation to County Jail to speak to the detective, And right away takes me into custody. Completely clueless on my first step towards fighting this. Where to start to be exact! Help.
It's deadly serious. You could be looking at a mandatory state prison term... then confinement in a state mental...
How can I get my license re- instated?
I had a DUI in 2009 and a driving on suspended license in 2011. I have paid the fees for the 2011 charge and did comm. service for the orig. DUI. I have completed my DUI class but Mand Actions Unit still lists my 2009 fees as outstanding. I checked with the court and they said everything has been paid. Local office says I have to write to Mand. actions unit in Sacramento to request it be listed as paid. The court gave me something that states the fine was deleted as CWS was performed in lieu of fine 3/18/11. What should I do to clear this up and get license back?
Follow the advice of the local office. Get a CERTIFIED copy of what you were given and send that to Sacramento. You...
How to read a 10 year CA MVR ?
I picked one up and it tells me about my DUI I have . Then there are 10 actions and I need to know what they are . But it don't tell me what they are for . Do I need to talk to the dmv or a lawyer about how to read it ?
DMV would probably be best since they would know what all their different codes mean, exactly. Though a lawyer may be...
In November 16, I had not had any alcohol to drink since Christmas 2010? I know for a fact there was no alcohol in my BAC. I failed the police “FST” because I cannot walk in a straight line for medical reasons. The Police then handcuffed me, & shoved me in to the back seat of the squad car. I was NEVER told that I was UNDER ARREST, Or given any reason. NEVER read any “Rights” They took me to the local hospital to have my blood drawn. Then they just left me at the hospital shortly after the blood was drawn, I never saw them again. Nor was I ever taken to the Police station itself, or at anytime since. I was never “Booked” for anything. I was sitting in the Emergency room, & unknown to me, my brother arrived to take me home. I have had no further contact with the police since that day.
If you have not been booked or otherwise summoned to court, where is this arraignment coming from? If you have received...
My son is on informal probation. It is unsupervised, w/no PO. Can he leave the country, or does he need to get a letter from the
This is for a Wet Reckless for Marijuana, in California
It depends on whether his sentencing order requires him to remain in the State of California for the duration of the...
Won Dmv Hearing. No reasonable cause for pull over. Not over .08%
I just won my DMV hearing. They said there was no reasonable cause to pull me over. I didn't indicate to turn right on a street where you can only turn right. Also stated that I was not driving with .08% or more by weight of BAC. My test shows .10% at station after arrest. Can this help with my criminal case next week.?
It depends on what's happening with your criminal case. The DMV proceedings are related, but the criminal case is a...