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I would like to know if i can legally drive my motorized 750 watt scooter to work while my liscence is suspended in illinois?
This type of question should be answered by an Illinois Attorney. I can say that in the State of Maryland, the...
Last night after some beers returning to the hotel I was arrested based on DUI + 35miles speeding and imprope lane use. I am Brazilian and dont have USA driver license, I am actually working for 6 months here. In this way I will come back to Brazil each 45 days to keep my regular job there and visit relatives. My Court was schedule for 16 July 2014, on July 4 I had planned a trip for Brazil and return before the court. The police description was Strong odor of alcohol on breath, red glass eyes indicates of impaired during SFST, admit 1-2 beers. My final result on breath test was 0.105. I am affraid because I leave in Normal and work in a small city (30miles away) and the car is essential for my work. What I can expect? How to proceed?
You need to hire an attorney immediately. Your speeder is a criminal charge. The DUI is serious and you clearly had...
I have 2 dui's last one in 98. I tried once by myself that didn't go well. And then again about 9 yrs ago with an atty that didn't have all paperwork together.
It sounds like you had one hearing and the one 9 years ago was scrubbed because you didn't have your paperwork in order....
Will a DUI conviction from 20 years ago still be on my record?
It depends on the extent of background investigation, but if it is a matter of public record it may show up.
He went before a judge and bond was set at $3000 but he has an immigration hold on him. He is father to my 3 children and provider for our family. what will happen to him?
Your boyfriend needs an attonrey who is familiar with DUI defense and possibly immigration law.
Received tickets in IL 1 week prior to moving to TN. I was able to obtain a TN license before anything was on my driving record. I've been to court and received court supervision on both counts in IL. Currently serving statutory suspension and Waiting on Sec. Of State to issue sentence of tickets. Can I drive on my TN license?
I was charged with DUI in Illinois (first time) and refused to submit to the breathalyzer, so I was to receive a summary suspension. However, after 90 days I still have not received notice of the suspension (State has my correct addy), and the automated hotline in Illinois indicated that my DL and driving privileges are current and active. I dont want to call the State and ask why this hasn't been filed, because I think the small town I recieved the DUI in just forgot to submit it. However, I also don't want this to pop back up a year or two down the road after I am done with my court supervision. Is there a time limit they have to file this paperwork to the state?