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My sentence. I live alone with an invalid husband and am the only one who can drive. I am not currently taking that medication any longer. Please, I am desperate for some guidance. As soon as we can sell our house we will be moving to Florida, will I be able to attain a license there if my license in Texas gets revoked? Thank you for your immediate response to this matter. Regards.
Have you already been sentenced? If so, then no. You cannot even early terminate a DWI probation. If not, then you...
Prescribed medication. I have had two failed spinal fusions as well as neuropathy in my feet and told the officer I wouldn't do well on his tests because of that. He said my movements were slow and arrested me for DUI. My attorney is not giving me much hope. I can't afford to lose my licence as I am the sole caretaker of an invalid husband. We are planning on moving to florida as soon as we sell our home. I need help. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Best regards.
Very sorry to hear of your situation. Your attorney is really the person to addresss this matter. If you are not...
has 3 dwi's and was on probation when he was pulled over for not turning on his blinker from 200 yards. they revoked his probation for this disdemeanor.
He certainly could go to prison on the new DWI. He could also get probation (in patient treatment would be a likely...
It was proven after an arrest that a police officer had fabricated probable cause. This same officer recently arrested me again. He said I had gone 5 mph over the speed limit. I know this was not true, and the reason, as was the previous case, was that he was staking out a bar. I left the bar and he followed at a distance for two miles, at which point he sped up and got behind me at a red light. When the light turned green, he lit me up and pulled me over. I asked to see the radar, and he said he did not have to use it. I was arrested for DWI. This officer is notorious for this conduct.
Short answer, yes. But it is something that to a large degree comes under the discretion of the judge. You should be...
it has been well over a year and i havent heard anything. i got pulled over for (what the thought was a drunk driver) trying to get the dvd player in my truck to work for the kids and was swerving a little. there was no alchohol in the truck and i wasnt drinking. but i failed the sobriety test because i had gout in my knees and ankles. couldnt walk the line or stand on one foot. told the officer i had taken medication that morning for it but it was 730 when i got pulled over that night. they drew blood at the jail and havent heard anything since
The test is probably back but in all likelihood there's probably not a good case. You could hire an attorney to push...
Do we need to write a renters agreement, or does that not matter. If the actual door to my rented room is locked, does that create any legal protection of my personal space?
If you are concerned about your room being searched either live somewhere else or don't have anything illegal in your room.
Do we need to write a renters agreement, or does that not matter. If the actual door to my rented room is locked, does that create any legal protection of my personal space?
Your mother's entire house may be searched as a condition of the court deal. Locks and arm bars do not matter Even a...