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How many mg of hydrocodone in my blood work constitute a DUI?
Will I be charged with DUI if I only had 9.2 mg of hydrocodone in my system at my time of my arrest?
Its not the number value important here. It is were you "less safe due to the medication". People build up a tolerance...
How many mg of hydrocodone in your system at the time of arrest is too much?
I told the officer that I have nerve damage in my lower left leg and a bad back which I go to pain management for but he still made me try to balance on that leg and he also had me to try the one foot in front of the other test. Which I can do neither because of the nerve damage. He then arrest me for DUI because I could not do those two tests with my physical handicap. I have my blood work results from that night. I was wanting to know what amount of mg in my system would be considered under the influence. I was not messed up because they don't affect me this way because I've been taking for years. Every since my back surgery
Its not the number value important here. It is were you "less safe due to the medication". People build up a tolerance...
My name is quentin nash i'm not a hv i don't have 3 dui.
i don' t have 3 dui my lic been gone 9 and a half years know.
I am not sure exactly what your question is, but my guess is that you are wondering when you can get your license again....
What's my risk for and how to avoid a DUI?
I suffer from debilitating back pain that requires percocet at a minimum as well as soma or baclofen to literally sometimes not just be in tears from pain. On my last visit to my pain dr they had me sign something that stated driving and taking percocet was an automatic dui. First off, I don't and haven't drank in over 20 years because I take pain pills, but I also don't take a pain pill and drive but obviously they stay in my system. So there are days that I will be in incredible pain but know I have to drive and I just grit my teeth and sometimes literally cry until I can get home. What I want to know is with taking pain pills how can I avoid any question of a dui short of not driving which is not an option in my situation at the moment. I've not had any tickets in 17 years and my mother was permanently disabled from a car accident caused by someone who was high on marijuana and I don't want anyone else to have to suffer the childhood I did. So I'm not looking for loopholes but what I have to do to not put me at risk legally.
You avoid a DUI by not driving when you have meds in you which could affect you. The fact that your medication is...
Advise: DWI/DUI is 2 different states?
My brother has two DWI's in Texas that happened within the past 10 years, and has now received a DUI in Georgia. What is the worst we can expect?
I hate it when people ask what is the "worst" that can happen, yada, yada . But here goes: 12 months in jail, $1,000....
Would my DUI ruin my Green Card process?
Greetings, My wife and I recently filed our I-130 petition. My wife who is a US Citizen currently lives with me in Malaysia. I was arrested for DUI in April 2012 during my college. I left the country in March 2014. I'm wondering if my arrest would be an issue through my green card process. Thanks
Changing question to immigration category for answers.............
I am wondering about my fbi charges after an arrest where false dui charges were dropped?
These charges were dismissed prior to court and the record expunged or sealed. will it show up on a background check where I do fingerprints since the police station has my fingerprints
If your charges are dismissed, and your record is expunged (the current term in Georgia is "record restriction"), that...