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Can my brother enter the USA with 15 yr. Old DUI?
He wants to come for a visit and he does not drive. He is 70 in a couple of months.
DUIs typically do not prevent non-citizens from entering the US. However, they DO prevent non-Canadians from entering...
Can I get temporary emergency custody for the mother being heavily intoxicated several days out the week when she has the girls?
For the 2nd time I had to call 911 for the police to get one or both from their mothers house from her being over intoxicated. Girls called me scared from their mothers drinking. I have followed our decree to the letter of the law. If I have the girls more or less than the decree, it has always been verbally accepted with no problem. She loves her girls but drinks way to often when they are there. She has a problem of not being able to stop and gets weirded out after to many. As far as I know she has not harmed them physically. Girls and I had written up an internal contract that we all signed including the mother to seek help through therapy and AA. She did well for a bit but reverted back to her drinking. I now have 2 case numbers and a signed internal contract. Do I have a case?
You need to filr a peition to modify the PP. The contract is pointless and will work against you. Courts hate when...
How long will I have to stay in jail for dui warrant
Got dui 6 years ago and didnt finish all probation stipulations before leaving the state for job offer. If I turn myself in what happens then. Can't be gone long from my job.
Turning yourslf in is the last thing you should do. You should consult with an attorney ahead of time who can work...
Father was intoxicated. Our daughter asked me to get her. Cops were called... Shared PP. Legally do I have to return her today?
Last night I had to call the cops to my ex house after my daughter begged me to pick her up. Her father had been drinking all day, she informed me she did not feel safe. The officer asked her father abd I was able to take her home. This has been going on for a long time, the drinking all day, etc and she has expressed her feelings of not feeling safe to myself and school counselers. My question for today is, legally if today is his day ( shared custody) do I have to return her to him? He has called, but I have not spoken to him. She doesnt want to be there and he may be intoxicated again. I know courts need to be involved, but this is the weekend?
Technically if it is his day then you are required to let him have his day with her. However, if you had proof that he...
If DUI's show up on fingerprint/background checks for a school district, is that sufficient reason to not hire you in the state
have taught 40 years and never lost a job or missed work due to DUI. All evaluations at work are outstanding from all employers.
You need to talk to a lawyer who practices Admin law for teachers.. .not a DUI defense lawyer. Review your employment...
I was pulled over for DUI and I was given information on picking up my car, but I received no ticket or instructions. What now?
My license was not punched and I have no idea about an arraignment or any other things I need to do.
Unfortunately, you will probably be more formally charged soon. You will need to request a Department of Licensing DUI...
Should I request a modification if I have a TPP and dad did nothing and now just got a DUI?
I have a restrictive TPP and it states dad is to do a drug and alcohol assessment, dv assessment, followed by treatment if needed, reunification, supervised visits, before alone visitation can take place. It's been a year since the hearing and dad hasn't done a thing and now just got arrested for speeding and DUI. At this point he's only seen the child 4 hours since October 2013. He was the one who took me to court for a parenting plan and since it didn't go his way he's done nothing. Can I just get a PPP seeking sole custody now and not have to do mediation or a final parenting trial? Is this now abandonment and showing he is an unfit parent?
Consider hiring a family law attorney to help you with your modification.