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If I want to defend myself in DUI case from the state of WA, how do I get access to the "discovery" information on my case?
Arrested in Moses Lake, WA, 2012. Live in Salem, OR. Cannot afford 3500-5000 flat fee for attorney. Traveling back & forth to Moses Lake is a real hardship for me. Because of this old issue, I can't get a driver's license in Oregon. Before I show up at court, I want to know exactly what is the evidence against me. I will claim: NOT Guilty.
You will get the discovery packet from the prosecutor's office once you indicate to them that you will be representing...
How long will I have to stay in jail for dui warrant
Got dui 6 years ago and didnt finish all probation stipulations before leaving the state for job offer. If I turn myself in what happens then. Can't be gone long from my job.
Turning yourslf in is the last thing you should do. You should consult with an attorney ahead of time who can work...
Can I get a state I.D. card from the DMV if I have an unresolved D.U.I. And a bench warrant out for my arrest?
was just made aware of the fact that I have an unresolved DUI in Washington state from 2005. I was not drunk (no alcohol @ all). However, I have several medical issues, and take many medications. I failed the roadside sobriety test, and was taken to the hospital for a blood test. I was never officially arrested, no fingerprints, mug shot etc. The officer told me that I may or may not receive a summons to court and let me go. After this occurred, I realized that I was no longer a safe driver, & stopped driving altogether. Two years passed and I moved out of state. I had no issue receiving a Utah state ID, moved to California 5 years later and received a state ID there without issue. My family decided to move back to Washington a few months ago. Curious, I sent away for a copy of my driving record, and the DUI was on my record. I have every intention of hiring an attorney and resolving this issue. However, right now I simply need to get a Washington state ID ASAP for health insurance purposes. I have not driven in 10 years and have no desire to receive a drivers license. My question is, can I go into the DMV and get a state ID, prior to resolving my DUI?
There should be no prohibition on you obtaining a Washington state ID card, but as you probably know, you would be...
I ha a neg driving 1 reduced from a minor physical control 6 years ago that i just had vacated. Why does is still show on my mvr
It was 6 years ago and i was 4 months from being 21. Me and a couple of my friends were sitting in a parking lot next to my jeep just hanging out. Somebody called the cops because they were getting loud and stupid (i was not drunk) cops showed up vehicle was not running keys in my pocket sitting in the jeep. Of course they noticed my friends were drunk thought i was gave me a breath test and BAM .025. Id had like 3 drinks of a beer earlier not even. But being i wasnt 21 the micro .005 over .02 put me at dui standard. Because of circumstances and being dumb i took a neg 1 reduced from a minor in physical control. Because i drove my drunk friends to the store so THEY wouldnt wreck. I had it vacated recently just to find out it goes off my criminal record BUT DOL WILL NOT take it off my driving record. i pay for it the rest of my life because any decent job still looks up my mvr and see the 6 year old mistake. One question though! The only charge i was ever convicted of technically was neg 1 and vacating means it all gets dismissed and im suppose to be realeased from all disabilities. So could i sue dol for refusing to take it off or could i at least seal it from employers?
" i pay for it the rest of my life because any decent job still looks up my mvr and see the 6 year old mistake." Unless...
Can you get your concealed carry permit in wa state if you have a dui warrant in California?
No other convictions just havent dealt with the dui in ca back in 20012
I am sure that your request would be denied. You have a warrant for your arrest so why would a police agency want to...
I was arrested for a dui but not booked. No blood was taken and I was released 1 hr after my arrest. will I be charged?
I was arrested at the scene of incident where I had run into a sign. The roads were slick and I was not speeding however he officer noticed I was inroxicated. I did compily to a breath analysis and blew over the limit. I was arrested but let go an hour later. A few days following I decided to to a search in the Snohomish county database for those that were arrested and released over the same weekend I was. My name had not come up. Will I be charged?
Yes you will be charged. The is a delay in charging sometimes, but give the situation you described you will be charged....
My instantcheckmate record on DUI and Neg 1 is wrong
Hello! I checked my background check on and it gave wrong information. It listed DUI but not guilty. It was plea bargained to Neg 1, which listed as guilty. It should only show Neg 1, not show the DUI listing. It also said I paid 100K in fines! But really it's only 900 dollars. It listed Jail: (blank) then next line says Max: 90 days. I haven't gone to jail at all! Very inaccurate. My question is: Are the inaccuracies pretty common in the background checks. There are hundreds of background check companies. I want my records to be accurate. My concern is that an employer can use instantcheckmate, - site with full of inaccuracies. How do I clean up on them? Which company does the employers use for background check? The inaccuracies can really affect my future
Some of the inaccuracies might just be the way that they display it. For the DUI, you entered a plea of Not Guilty....