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Can my brother enter the USA with 15 yr. Old DUI?
He wants to come for a visit and he does not drive. He is 70 in a couple of months.
DUIs typically do not prevent non-citizens from entering the US. However, they DO prevent non-Canadians from entering...
Can I get temporary emergency custody for the mother being heavily intoxicated several days out the week when she has the girls?
For the 2nd time I had to call 911 for the police to get one or both from their mothers house from her being over intoxicated. Girls called me scared from their mothers drinking. I have followed our decree to the letter of the law. If I have the girls more or less than the decree, it has always been verbally accepted with no problem. She loves her girls but drinks way to often when they are there. She has a problem of not being able to stop and gets weirded out after to many. As far as I know she has not harmed them physically. Girls and I had written up an internal contract that we all signed including the mother to seek help through therapy and AA. She did well for a bit but reverted back to her drinking. I now have 2 case numbers and a signed internal contract. Do I have a case?
You need to filr a peition to modify the PP. The contract is pointless and will work against you. Courts hate when...
How long will I have to stay in jail for dui warrant
Got dui 6 years ago and didnt finish all probation stipulations before leaving the state for job offer. If I turn myself in what happens then. Can't be gone long from my job.
Turning yourslf in is the last thing you should do. You should consult with an attorney ahead of time who can work...
I was charged for the first time with a DUI and I was in a accident with another vehicle at the time. What can I expect .
My bail was set at 100,000.00, why so high. No one was seriously hurt. I live in WA. State in snohomish county.
You need to engage an experienced criminal DUI defense lawyer immediately. Defense fees may seem high, but I strongly...
Is a minor intoxicated in a public place in the state of Washington the same as an MiP? Or is it worse or is it less severe?
About 2 years ago I got an amended minor intoxicated in a public place charge in the state of Washington I was wondering if this charge is less severe than an MIP or more severe? At the time I was an 18 years old freshman that got charged 4 days before school started. Up until college I never tried alcohol and the one time I did I got dinged and now I just turned 20. I have plans on going on to med school in about 3 years and Im wondering if this charge has the potential to negatively affect my applications towards medical school. I really am determined to become a Physician and I don't want a "young and dumb" mistake to affect my future in medicine. And if there's a chance it could affect me I'd rather know what to expect. Thank you for the advice/comments ever bit helps
They are both criminal convictions and have an equal effect on your record moving forward, specifically, that they will...
I got two Duis In washington state 3yrs apart doing deferred prosecution on my second. When can I start to try and get it back.
I got a dui in 2011 which resulted in my cdl getting suspended for 1yr. Got another one in 2014 which I am doing a deferred prosecution on. I have read that it is a lifetime ban or 10yrs if you get two, does that 10yrs start from the first one? I was also wondering if in a deferred can a petition to get re instated now? I would appreciate any advice that would be helpful in my situation to be proactive. Neither duis were in a commercial vehicle just to be clear. Thank you for your time.
If you have a CDL a second DUI is a lifetime ban. A deferred prosecution is a conviction for purpose of federal law...
Would appealing a dui sentence be worth it?
My fiancé was booked for 333 days recently for a DUI charge in 2010 when we went to quash a warrant that he had in Monroe.. He was currently attending treatment as well on EHM for another court issue in Fife, WA. The state prosecutor wanted to give him 30 days but the judge gave him more. At the time he was employeed and the main provider for his 1 year old twins and myself. He provided the judge with a letter from the treatment agency stating that it would be detrimental to his sobriety if he was booked and that he has been in compliance with his treatment.
Your fiancée is the only person who has standing to appeal the sentence. The judge has the discretion to sentence up to...