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How do I get my license back after completing my probation & suspended license for one year? What are the steps to get it back?
I've completed probation, paid all fines, & my year suspension is complete. How do I get my license back?
You will probably have to pay a "restoration fee" and then you should contact DMV to inquire what steps you have to...
Investigator on my case during Preliminary hearing admitted to not following the two prong test when using a CI
A search warrant was issued for my house drugs were found. Come to find out a C I was used. during preliminary hearing the dectective admitted to not following the two prong test when using a ci. Is this grounds for suppressing evidence
Speak to the attorney who is handling the case.
I am trying to get my cna license transferred from one state to another. And I am certified in one state but the state i am .
I am certified in one state and should be able to transfer that certification with no problem. But i am having trouble with the establishment here.
Sorry to hear of your trouble, you will have to review the laws in both states licensing boards.
TN drivers license suspended after refusal to take breathaliser in MS. Court date pending. Can I get replacement license from TN
My TN drivers license was taken and suspended in MS after I refused to take a breathaliser. The court date is pending. Can I apply for a replacement license in TN while waiting for the hearing
Tennessee and Mississippi are part of an interstate compact on driving privileges. When a TN driver is suspended in...
What do you do if it is past the ten days from issuance of Court Order for restricted license? Like a couple months past due?
1st offence DUI, already have ignition interlock installed, but couldn't afford sr-22 till now and it's way past the (within ten days) mark.
You explain your financial inability to satisfy the order to your probation officer if on probation or the judge if its...
Open container citation
I have an acquaintance that was stopped, I don't know the reason. He had 2 aluminum beer cans on the back seat floor of the vehicle. He was given a breath test, and sobriety test, and passed both. He was not drinking. Both cans were completely empty. He was given a citation for OPEN CONTAINER. Anyone who takes aluminum cans to get recycled would be guilty of that charge. He hired an attorney and was advised to plead GUILTY. He is a commercial driver who owns his own truck with authority and now can't get anyone to insure him. How can he reopen this case. Tennessee. 55-10-416. Open container law. (a) (1) No driver shall consume any alcoholic beverage or beer or possess an open container of alcoholic beverage or beer while operating a motor vehicle in this state. (2) For purposes of this section: (A) "Open container" means any container containing alcoholic beverages or beer, the contents of which are immediately capable of being consumed or the seal of which has been broken; I see a number of glaring holes in the elements of the case. He was given extremely bad advise.
Since this is not your case, it is very likely that you do not know all of the facts. Without all of the facts it's...
What kind of drug test do they give in court?
This is my first time offense I have a misdemeanor drug charge and I have to pass a drug test.
Defendants are not usually give drug tests unless they are on probation. It['s unlikely you would be given a drug test...