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Asap drug violation on first dui
I was aressted for 1st DUI got 12 months jail time 11 month 10 days probation. Yes asap. I started asap today and failed my drug test. What are the most likely actions that will happen?
I recommend that you consult with your attorney that represented you on the original DUI charge. He/she will be the...
Is it possible to get no jail time, with a first offence dui. Or hopefully get the charge lessen to a reckless.
I'm am 21, and this dui is my first offence. I only have had one speeding ticket in the past five years, and I'm a very safe driver. I was heading home from a friends house after I had between two and three drinks. I was in an accident, because I thought I saw something move outside to the right of my car, when I looked back I was going threw a stop sign slamming on my brakes. I ended up in a ditch arcoss the road. I had two other passengers in the car with me, but none of us were hurt. I had waited at my friends house for almost two hours before I drove and I felt fine. I blew a 0.81, and spent the night in jail. I was very respectful to all the officers and did everything I was told. I have contacted an attorney, as of today one day after I got out of jail. Is it possible I have a chance
I do not practice in VA, but the policy on reduction of DWI to a lesser charge generally varies from state to state and...
I have a courtdate to show cause 21 July as to why I souldnt server the origianal 90 for DUI 1
Question is: my DUI 1 was on Sept 1 2009...I recvd a suspended 90 days and got restricted dl. I got another DUI in Nov of same year on my restricted DL. Long story....went to court and was sentanced to 6mo with all but 20 suspended...did my already serving for the 2nd one...I get a summons to show cause why i should not serve the original 90 for violating the 1st one in Sept...Im confused...when I went in front of the Judge for the 2nd he knew it was the why all of a sudden come after me for violating the 1st? Im trying to get my life money for lawyer. Court is Tomm at 8am...what do I expect? Will the Judge give me time to get a court lawyer or will he just throw me in there tomm right away? This all just seems so unfair.
You're confusing issues. When you were sentenced on your 1st DUI and given a 90 day jail sentence, the Court suspended...
What would you recommend? DUI 19yo.
I got in an accident and got three charges, DUI, open container, and underage possession of alcohol. Keep in mind I'm 19. What would you recommend I do before court? I registered to take a driver's improvement class already. Is there anything else I can do to make this look like I am trying? Also, i can't afford a lawyer right now, so I'll have to get one appointed. Should I try to speak with someone at the court house before the court date, or wait until the first court date?
If you can not afford an attorney, you need to speak with one now, before the court date. If you were appointed the...
How I get driver's license back if ASAP was unsuccessfully completed but case was dimiss for dui but guilty for drug 4yrs ago ?
It was 4 yrs ago so dui case was dismissed. Drug possession case I was found guilty because ASAP program was unsuccessfully completed. I took ASAP classes and finished. First hearing classes was not available yet. Waited to long to take classes and sheriff came with subpoena for another court date. Finally took classes and finished. Because I didn't do it correctly first time with community service and drug screening it is unsuccessfully completed. DMV says probation period for me is over and can now obtain license if I bring proof I took classes which I did and finished but not successfully. What should I do?
You should get the documentation that you completed ASAP and provide that to DMV. ASAP should have a record of this if...
Can I travel while on probation after a state to state transfer?
I was convicted of a felony DUI (serious injury) in NC in mid-July. At the time of the offense (the previous August), I lived in NC but have since moved to VA. My probation was transferred to Virginia. Because of this conviction I unexpectedly lost my original job. I have found a new job, but will need to travel outside of the state for initial training. I have looked for employment in this area but have not been able to find anything. The terms of my probation require me to make substantial payments to the victim, so finding employment at a similar level as previously is important. Will I be able to get a permit to travel outside of the state after only a month and a half of probation?
You need to check with your probation officer to see what the exact restrictions of your probation are. If your...
I have a VA License with and out of state DUI
To get a restricted license I had to sign up for VASAP, but now VASAP is requiring me to complete VASAP and the out of state program. VASAP told me that if I just completed the out of state program (where I'm on probation) that I would already have my VA license, but since I received a restricted license I have to comply with both the out of state probation and VASAP. I've been told repeatedly that VASAP has no right to do so. Is there a simple answer here? Thanks.
The relevant law seems to be set forth in section D of 18.2-271.1 and I have included it below for your reference. As...