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I'm am 21, and this dui is my first offence. I only have had one speeding ticket in the past five years, and I'm a very safe driver. I was heading home from a friends house after I had between two and three drinks. I was in an accident, because I thought I saw something move outside to the right of my car, when I looked back I was going threw a stop sign slamming on my brakes. I ended up in a ditch arcoss the road. I had two other passengers in the car with me, but none of us were hurt. I had waited at my friends house for almost two hours before I drove and I felt fine. I blew a 0.81, and spent the night in jail. I was very respectful to all the officers and did everything I was told. I have contacted an attorney, as of today one day after I got out of jail. Is it possible I have a chance
I do not practice in VA, but the policy on reduction of DWI to a lesser charge generally varies from state to state and...
Question is: my DUI 1 was on Sept 1 2009...I recvd a suspended 90 days and got restricted dl. I got another DUI in Nov of same year on my restricted DL. Long story....went to court and was sentanced to 6mo with all but 20 suspended...did my already serving for the 2nd one...I get a summons to show cause why i should not serve the original 90 for violating the 1st one in Sept...Im confused...when I went in front of the Judge for the 2nd he knew it was the why all of a sudden come after me for violating the 1st? Im trying to get my life money for lawyer. Court is Tomm at 8am...what do I expect? Will the Judge give me time to get a court lawyer or will he just throw me in there tomm right away? This all just seems so unfair.
You're confusing issues. When you were sentenced on your 1st DUI and given a 90 day jail sentence, the Court suspended...
Pulled over while texting at night because i swerved a little on the road. I had also been drinking not too long before being pulled over. I did the field sobriety tests and passed, then i blew a .08 Another officer came and took my car and parked it at a nearby church and i was then taken to the station. At the station i blew two more times, which was a .06 and then a .08 I was told i had a DWI but am free to call someone to pick me up, however nobody answered and i stayed in the cell till i was released at 4 a.m. when i got a taxi and picked up my car and went home. My license was also suspended a week. This is my 1st offense and it is a Class 1 misdemeanor
You absolutely should not handle this yourself. Get a DUI attorney IMMEDIATELY. Stay off line with any more...
I was convicted of the one DUI. WIll this hurt my chances of employment? How common are DUIs in the US?
A DUI from most states will show up on one's criminal record. These convictions are extremely common.
My revocation period has ended for my DUI and don't think I have time to go through the process of relicensing in Hawaii before I move to Virginia.
The easiest way to get that answer is to go to DMV and apply for a license or request a compliance summary if you are...
i was convicted of a dui i didnt follow up with asap when i was suppose to due to being homeless,got a showcause in the mail that i didnt know i had received.
The decision whether or not to grant bond lies with the magistrate and the judge. Your question creates 2 possible...
I was charged with 3rd DWI in 10 years but plead guilty to 2nd DWI in 5 in court. All of the DWI's occurred within 10 years but due to a clerical error by the magistrates office they were unable to have the 1st DWI certified before my court date. Since I plead guilty to the 2nd the judge notified me I will have my license suspended for 3 years and will be able to obtain a restricted license after the 1st year with an ignition interlock. I've checked with the DMV and on my compliance summary it says I must petition the court for a restricted after 3 years or wait 5 years for a full restoration. Is there any way I can get a hearing to see if the DMV will remove their revocation and follow the courts guidelines? Or am I going to have to wait the 3 years before petitioning for a restricted?
Many people have this type of problem with the DMV. Unfortunately, the DMV tends to disregard the conviction as it is...