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Wisconsin DUI and Drivers License Compact States.
I was a sales rep. with a company car and have lost my job due to the dui, as a dui is grounds for termination. I am devasted as I am no longer able to get a sales position in the field that I have been in for the majority of my adult life. I am seriously looking at relocating to a non-compact state as I can no longer work here in Wisconsin. To be clear I have not been convicted of the dui yet, but on my driving record it has the PAC etc violation. Is it best to move and apply for a DL in a non-compact state before the conviction? Or could I still move with the conviction on my DL ? I need to have a clean DL report for employment. In either preceding scenerio will the dui transfer if I apply for a DL in a non-compact state? Plz no answers regarding hiring a WI attorney for my dui.
It doesn't matter where you go, odds are good that this conviction will eventually catch up with you. Even non-compact...
If you get an underage drinking ticket are you required to apear in court, or can you pay the fine without apearing?
The ticket came in the mail and has a court date for Sept. 24th 2012 bur I'm to leave for navy bootcamp before then. If I have to stay for court then I will be kicked out of the navy.
look at your ticket, it should be non mandatory as most underage tickets do not require attendance.
What if i ask for an attorney during the process of an owi questioning and the officer denies my request?
the officer insisted we proceed and said i must cooperate
You continue to be silent and keep asking for a lawyer. Many police try to trick alleged criminals into a confession....
If i flee from wisconsin to florida will florida extradite me back to wisconsin for the charges?Is there a statue of limitations
I got busted for second dui within within a month from my first and i am wondering if florida will extradite me back to wisconsin if i flee and howe long is the statue of limitations for wisconsin?
First, it would be Wisconsin that would be extraditing you back to Wisconsin from Florida. Second, the statute of...
Is there a way to use behavioral health as a defense against an OWI?
I received an OWI 2nd back in August of 2011. I am trying to get it reduced to reckless driving since I've heard that expungement in Wisconsin is rare. (I'm trying to switch to Active Army from National Guard, and can't with two on my record.) I didn't get in severe trouble with the Army for this offense because I went to behavioral health a week prior asking for help with anger management and depression, which led to a drinking problem. I didn't receive the proper help and a week later got the OWI. Is there a way to use this as a defense since I wasn't in a clear state of mind before I even started drinking? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
Only a private criminal defense attorney who knows all of the facts and circumstances will be able to help you. Get one...
I live in oshkosh,wi and would like to get my illinois drivers liscense reinstated .was revoked 30 years ago for dui
is this possible to do from here! and can it be done cheaply,im on dissability dont have much cash
You should probably re-post this question, showing as a location the city where you were convicted. This will have...
3rd dui in WI. Never went to jail, released from the hospital after blood draw. Now what
Drove off the road way, started to walk home. Someone called it in, cops picked me up half mile down the road. Took me to the hospital, did a blood draw and then released me to a responsible party. I never got a ticket and they gave me my licence back. Licence is still valid. Not sure what to do now or what is happening.
The first step is talk to either the attorney that represented you on your second DUI. He will be able to do the...