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Will a non-traffic citation summons for underage drinking stay on my record? Anyway to remove it? Pre-trial service program?
I threw a party that got a bit out of hand and got an underage drinking "On-View Arrest" and a "On-View Arrest" for a noise violation. The party broke up fast and everyone complied with the police, but I'm wondering if this will be on my record, what to do with going to court, if there is a pre-trial service program that could help? I'm basically just trying to figure out the best way to get this removed from my record, I'm 20 and will be turning 21 in March. This all happened in Ardmore, PA in Montgomery County.
First underage is a summary is a summary offense and will be on your record and can be expunged after 5 years. The...
Is it possible to get house arrest for 2nd dui
I got my first dui almost 2 years ago. i recieved my second a couple of nights ago and i refused the blood test. Although i wish i had not bc i swear something was slipped into my drink. my dad when he picked me up said i was hallucinating. anyway i was just wondering if there was anyway i could get house arrest instead of jail time. i know i messed up and im prepared to pay for it and do my time. i just wanted to know if there was anyway to get house arrest over actual jail time?
It is certainly possible. I would venture to say that most counties would offer some form of house arrest in lieu of...
I have been convicted of criminal possession intent to deliver in PA with a New York driver license. Do I hire pa or ny attorney
Pled guilty and did 5 months in jail. At court no mention of driver license suspension was mentioned I guess it automatic in PA with a drug charge. I got a letter from PA saying my privileges were suspended so I filled out the from and sent it in. I got the letter to late to appeal it and my pa lawyer thought it would only effect PA driving privileges anyway. I pled guilty end of February to the drug charge. The letter from PA says they received affidavit in middle of February but the suspension would start until May when they received my letter. My question would be shall I contact a NY or PA lawyer? What would you think the changes would be to get the suspension starting from my conviction in February. My license has been totally clean my whole life and being in jail last 5 months I got lots of things to do to get my life going again it would be hard for me not to drive. NY or PA has never physically taken my actual picture driver license. I was hoping it only effected PA driving but NY sent a letter saying it was suspended. They did not ask me t turn in my actual ID and there was no date starting on the letter. If they gave me credit I would only be 1 more month of no driving.
It sounds like you need a NY lawyer to handle the drivers license issue because it is the state where you are licensed....
Can my Health Insurance Company refuse to pay my medical bills which I incurred while I was intoxicated?
I fell while I was intoxicated causing myself severe injury and huge medical bills. I want to know if my Health Insurance Company can refuse to pay my medical bills because I was legally intoxicated.
Go see a local personal injury attorney and bring your policy. Good luck.
Was i cited for DUI?
I was stupid and got pulled over for DUI. I was taken to the station and had to give a blood test. Thing is now, I'm not sure what is going on. The officer was nice enough to take me home after the fact but I didn't receive a ticket or any paperwork what so ever. What is going to happen now?
In about a week you will get a criminal complaint in the mail. It will also include the date of your arraignment and...
Is it legal to be convicted of 2 counts of receipt in commerce marijuana? Will they tack additional court costs to duI?
I was set up by ci selling small amounts of cannabis 6 different occasions. They charged me with a slew of charges and I am happy it was at least dropped from a felony but my lawyer and da came up with a plea deal which also included a separate second dui charge which happened on a different day. My lawyer said you don't have to do any time but you have to accept 4 receipt in commerce charges for the weed. I responded that was reticulum as it was the same person could have set me up 100 times as I had no clue. I told him he had to better. He. Inferences with da and judge and they knocked it down to two receipt in commerce charges. I still complained this was bullshit and asked he fight to get it knocked down to 1. He insisted it was a great deal and I did not want to ride going to trial. So my question is it legal to charge me twice for receipt in commerce in thus instance and since both the dui and weed case were at same court hearing???....will they charge me the court costs twice??? The weed charges cost me 2200?. I think my dui fine is $750 plus $224 lab fee. Will they add all the bs court costs on top of this. It is consecutive probation charges.... 2 y and 3 y FYI
First of all, you may wish to reconsider putting specific information about your matter on a website. However, it is...
I need to know if they can issue a DUI to someone who was parked in a parking lot
My nephew got a DUI. He was not driving when they found him he was parked in a parking lot. The story gets complicated because he was with my 8 year old son at the time. I was the one who called the police because he was so drunk he could not communicate and I could not find him. So he was charged with child endangerment as well.
The short answer is maybe. In order to provide legal advice, I would need to know more about the specific facts. I...