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What is the license for a lawyer called? a lawyer ______
I am working a puzzle.
A lawyer's license is simply called a law license.
How do I report a probation officer who ignores dirty test?
I know someone that is doing multiple drugs and drinking. He went to probation and the PO knows he does drugs. He had admitted he smoke weed right before he goes in and his PO Mike didn't care. What can I do?
Who appointed you PO of the PO? My advise: Mind your own business. No "good deed" goes unpunished. I hope...
Do I have to wait 6 months to get my licence back while revoked
Ronnie david in Athens Alabama
If the suspension is for six months, that's how long you have to wait. If it was for longer, you have to wait longer....
Dui probation for 2 years, 1 dirty urine test what do i do?
I have paid all of my fines, taken all of my classes. And have completed 1 year probation. I had 1 dirty urine test bc someone at my worm made pot brownies and didnt tell anyone, and sold them then a week later it spread around the work place. Not sure what to do, i really do not want to go to jail. Especially when i never purposely did any drugs. I report in at the beginning of the month.. not sure what my p.o will say or if the test even is dirty. Very scared. I do not want to go to jail.. help!
Talk to your attorney who represented you in the DUI. Let him or her know about the situation in case the probation...
I had 4 dui classes to attend for my court referral program... I missed the last one... will I go to jail?
I will not be finished with the program before my next court date due to the fact that I have to start all over... what's going to happen to me?
It depends. I recommend you get into court first thing Monday, or have your attorney do so, to obtain a DUI re-...
Can I get my license reinstated?
I lost my license due to a criminal charge 6 months ago. My lawyer said that it got suspended when I was charged and that it was a 6 months suspension. I recently got into an accident and I had a ticket for driving with a suspended license. I havnt been told if it added 6 months or not. All charges and fees have been paid off. Is there any chance to get it back or?
Your best bet is to call your local DMV and ask these questions to them. Sometimes when you are caught driving on a...
Does less safe driver show up in an NCIC check and how long does it stay on your driving record? Is when you got stop and charge
How long does it count against you driving record?
There is no such offense in the state of Alabama as "less safe driver." Driver license records are maintained by the...