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Do I have to wait 6 months to get my licence back while revoked
Ronnie david in Athens Alabama
If the suspension is for six months, that's how long you have to wait. If it was for longer, you have to wait longer....
Will a dismissed DUI show up on my driving record?
Arrested for a DUI but followed the court referral program to have the case dismissed. Additionally, the DMV (administrative hearing) decided not to suspend my license. My company wants to run a DMV driving record check on me. Will the dismissed DUI show up on my DMV driving record?
I think that even if the ast-60 was not timely (or insufficient ) and no adm license suspension occurs, if it was...
I got a dui ticket and wasn't arrested will it violate my probation.
I am on probation in my county for malicious mischief and assault on a police officer, but I don't have to report for six months. Ten days before my court date to dismiss charges I was in a wreck and was issued a dui and I postponed my court due to my injury is there anyway they won't know about the ticket on my court date to let me off probation? I don't even have a probation officer.
If it comes to their attention, yes it can foul up your probation.
What if you fail a drug test for alcohol at your CRO assesment
Assesment at 9am tomorrow I drank today I've already rescheduled once
Your probation can be revoked. How about this - stop drinking.
What will happen since I refused breath test
me and wife was riding gravel road. got pulled over by city cop. had four hot beers in truck from fishing trip the prevouis day. I had couple beer while grilling out and she made her a strawberry daquiry.. couple hours later we went blackberry hunting then got pulled over for no seatbelts. I refused test at jail. we both was arrested for beer in truck. my ticket said I was .08 bac. her ticket said she was driving. but I what...I did stay 24 hours in jail
The short answer is your family needs a lawyer to sort that out. Refusal to take the breath test, depending on whether...
How accurate would the testimony be from an expert hematologist in speculating the intoxication level 4 and a half hours before.
My son is being charged with murder from a drinking and driving accident. His attorney says that the DA has hired an expert hematologist to testify how intoxicated my son was at the time of the accident to 4 1/2 hours prior to his blood test. Would that not be pure speculation
Since your son has already hired an attorney, the best person to ask this question is your retained attorney. But as a...
Do u get drug tested if you have probation just for driving without license ?
I just really wanted to know
It can be a condition of your probation. Read your probation paperwork. Any and all conditions should be listed.