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Can I get my license reinstated?
I lost my license due to a criminal charge 6 months ago. My lawyer said that it got suspended when I was charged and that it was a 6 months suspension. I recently got into an accident and I had a ticket for driving with a suspended license. I havnt been told if it added 6 months or not. All charges and fees have been paid off. Is there any chance to get it back or?
Your best bet is to call your local DMV and ask these questions to them. Sometimes when you are caught driving on a...
Do I have to wait 6 months to get my licence back while revoked
Ronnie david in Athens Alabama
If the suspension is for six months, that's how long you have to wait. If it was for longer, you have to wait longer....
Does less safe driver show up in an NCIC check and how long does it stay on your driving record? Is when you got stop and charge
How long does it count against you driving record?
There is no such offense in the state of Alabama as "less safe driver." Driver license records are maintained by the...
Can a second failed drug test on court referral result in jail time?
I've already failed once before after my clean period. I am currently on the diversion program trying to get youthful offender which is probably out of the question, now.
Yes. It will be up to court.
What do the sentencing guidelines for october 1,2013 mean for dui and drug charges? Is probation more likely on these also?
Even if felony charges?
Ask your lawyer to sit down with you and the sentencing guidelines. This is NOT a discussion you want to have on an...
I am a civilian and I am currently on probation for DUI 1st offense in Huntsville, AL. I assisted
By secretly recording him confessing to the crime. I was not asked to do this, I just took it upon myself to do so as public service. He would not have been caught otherwise. He did turn him self in after realizing he was wanted as a result of my recording witch I turn over to Huntsville police, My question is, am I entitled to early release from probation or any kind recognition or reward for assisting in his capture and if so who should I contact?
You need to immediately stop publishing private information on this or any other forum! Hopefully Avvo will remove...
I was arrested for dui and they found my pistol never was charged for it though they kept it in safe keeping im a ex fellon
I was arrested for dui and they found my pistol never was charged for it though they kept it in safe keeping im a ex fellon from california but i now live in ala
As a matter of federal law you may never possess a firearm again.