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Can you be charged with DUI if your not driving?
my truck ran out of gas and I was standing next to it putting gas into it and was charged with suspicion of dui. I blew the breath test three times and came back negative, then was taken to a hospital and had blood taken. now I received a notice in the mail stating I'm being charged with DUI but never saw a judge ?
A trial for driving under the influence requires that the prosecutor prove to the jury that the defendant was driving...
Will I be charged?
I was pulled over by state police for swerving which i don't think i was. I refused the field sobriety tests and portable breathalyzer. I was not slurring or swaying or anything on camera and he only said he smelled alcohol and l was arrested only because refusal. In the back of the cop car he was asking to search vehicle and if i would still take the tests and i declined and he had the car towed. I was never taken to barracks to take the other breathalyzer. The trooper just drove me to my fathers house afterwards. Will I still be charged or was he cutting me a break (asking because i knew trooper through mutual friends) ? And does the refusal still count if it was the portable one? It's been 7 days since the incident and still haven't heard anything. My attorney was interested when he asked me if i was taken to barracks or not and told me just to wait and see if they do anything.
You have an attorney so speak to your attorney
Call Penndot and see if that is the reason. Then call the facility to see if you completed all of the conditions and...
Can you help me ensure that I am doing my time in Lackawanna county for this Clinton county DUI and treatment court in LW cty?
I'm seeking some answers as to a criminal law (4th DUI) issue in Clinton county, PA, when I'm a resident of Lackawanna county, PA. I am seeking advice and possible representation as to whether I could be accepted into treatment court in Lackawanna county, do the 60-90 days incarceration period that the DA is going to recommend, then 18 months of treatment court (in Lackawanna county) or 24 months of treatment court (in Clinton) with house arrest for 1 year after incarceration? How would it be determined that I am transferred to Lackawanna county treatment court rather than Clinton county (b/c my wife and infant son are both in Lackawanna and so am I, I would prefer to stay here rather than Clinton county)? What are the procedures and what can I expect? I am told I am to have an arraignment date (and sentencing date) on February 22nd, 2016 in Clinton county and I need to know if someone knows the law and can tell me whether I can expect the above scenario in Lackawanna county and if you, as my potential attorney, can assist in making this happen? Thank you.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you can't do treatment court anywhere other than Clinton County. Your probation...
Is there a way to get treatment court in Lackawanna County if I get my DUI in Clinton County PA
My name is Joe and I currently have a forth pending DUI in Clinton County PA. I currently live with my wife and son(which is one) in Lackawanna County PA. I have been advised to get into treatment court which I have been down to Clinton County multiple times for evaluations to get accepted. I want to know if there is a way to get treatment court in Lackawanna County so I don't have to move my family and find a new job etc..
Your charges involve very serious mandatory minimum sentences depending on how many of your three prior DUI's were...
Can a police officer leave his home state and go to a hospital in a neighboring state to get blood for a dui?
involved in a crash, taken to a hospital out of state by ambulance. police officer from PA came to the hospital in the neighboring state and did a legal blood draw. can a police officer go into another state and obtain your blood for a dui?
In South Carolina, the State would seek the assistance of the neighboring State's DA to obtain a search warrant for...
I have a preliminary hearing for a dui charge and my court date is 3/10/14 but it's 2015 can I get it dismissed?
I've been charged with a suspicion of dui and just wondering if there is any loophole because my court date is for 2014 and this just happened two weeks ago so they messed up the date
Not for that reason. However, your case may have other issues that an experienced dui attorney can discover.