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How can I go about being able to drive without an IID?
I have an interlock in my car. Unfortunately my starter has gone out and I don't have the money to fix it due to just putting in a new clutch. Friends have vehicles I can borrow so I can work and save money, but they are not mine so they don't have an IID.
You will be taking a big chance if you choose to drive a car without the IID. You are not the only person with money...
I want to go to Canada but I got a dui 20 years ago will I need to do anything "paperwork"
what if anything do I need to do to enter Canada with a 20 year old dui
This question would be better suited for a Canadian immigration attorney.
Does an OWI arrest count as a third offense if the plaintiff was arrested but had a BAC blood test below .08?
My brother had his 3rd OWI offense in Chippewa Co. WI. He was arrested and had a BAC test performed with the results of .076.
It can, depending. DUIs in Wisconsin are typically charged as two counts: OWI (being too messed up to safely operate a...
Should I fight this underage drinking ticket?
I was riding in a car that was pulled over for a taillight being out, the officer asked for the drivers license and insurance and the driver gave them to him. (the owner of the car was a passenger) The officer then asked why the name on the insurance was different from the license and was wondering whose car it was, the driver told him it was the passengers. Then the officer asked all of us why the owner of the car was not driving, we remained silent and the officer asked for all the passengers licenses and if we had been drinking. after taking our licenses he told the driver to step out of the car and had him blow into a breathalyzer and the driver passed. The officer then asked all the passengers to step out and to blow into the breathalyzer. I was sick and taking something like dayquil
I am not a WI attorney but assume that someone got a DUI because you posted this under the DUI practice area. You will...
What to legally do about a drunk and hostile boss?????
I am working for a company in La Crosse My boss is constintly drunk and hostile. I am now under the threat of the company closing. I am in need of advice and a lawyer that can help me through this. I am only staying at the job because I can not afford to go on unemployment or start over at another job. I am under a great deal of stress because I am the only worker and expected to do the job of 6 other people. He rarely remembers scheduling most of the vehicles and is to drunk to help me with the work. I would leave but I have a family to raise. The only reason I am still there is the money. I need to know what legal actions that I can take .
You need to find an employment lawyer in your area and get advice as to your rights as an employee. If there are...
What can I do if being charged with a dui when the cops did not catch me driving ?
Drank a few beers at the bar and drove home, someone called the police and said that I was driving wreck less. Police came to my house and arrested me for drunk driving , how can they do that?
All they need to charge you is probable cause to believe you were driving under the influence. If they have a witness...
What happens when i get an owi with a michigan license in Wisconsin?
I recived an owi a couple of days ago and am now facinng a hearing next month, i do have a michigan drivers license but was pulled over and given the ticket in Wisconsin, what do i do to receive the most minimal punishment, as i have fully learned my lesson in having respect for the law and knowing that i screwed up and it will never happen again.
Read all of your paperwork carefully, as it is likely your court date isn't your first deadline. If you refused testing,...