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I got a second DUI and I am on bond. how long can they draw out before they charge me? ans Why have they not charged me yet?
the court has not done anything with my case but will not return the bond either. It has been almost 2 1/2 years since I was arrested. They claim they are still waiting on the state of Michigan for blood test back.How long is reasonable at this point and why are they taking so long in the first place?
Stop speaking with the authorities and get yourself an attorney. The authorities are not your friends, and a lawyer...
Will I go to jail for a first DUID offense?
Charged with driving under the influence, had THC in system but did not use it the day I was pulled over and arrested.
Typically you would not get jail on a first offense other than the time you spent in jail at your arrest. However, a...
Should I get an attorney to fight my OWI???
I was fishing at a dam about 2hours away from my home and planned on staying the night when the DNR told me I had to leave the premises. I had already been drinking all day and when they asked me to leave I did as they wished but then not even 5 miles down the road was pulled over and arrested for OWI. I didn't think it was right that the DNR asked me to leave when they knew I had been drinking. Should I fight this??
I am 19 and I just got my first DUI?
I am attending college on a scholarship I’m worried I will lose this I’ve never had anything on my record before and I’m terrified. I have called an attorney I will meet Wednesday but haven’t spoke about it yet. Please help.
Moving this to DUI section so you can get better advice. Although it sounds like you've done the right thing and...
Can a non-officer conduct the 15 minute test before a datamaster test in a dui/criminal investigation?
I was arrested (11/11/17) for Dui by Novi police. I was driven straight to the hospital for a blood draw after refusing medical attention. (I was in an accident before the arrest) After the hospital visit, I was sat on a bench for what seems like 3 minutes then fingerprinted by some kind of police service aid. This person had an entirely different uniform that suggests that she was not a police officer. Immediately after fingerprints I was given the datamaster test by a different male officer. The arresting officer or testing officer did not "monitor" for more than a few seconds. The police service aid only looked over me for maybe a few minutes. Was this process legal? Is the arresting officer responsible for watching of the "criminal"?
There are very specific procedures that the police with regards to administering a Datamaster test. If these procedures...
Can I transfer my 2 DUI's in Florida to Michigan?
Completed probation, no warrants in Florida. I just have a HOLD from Florida. Michigan says they cannot help until I can remove the HOLD. I have to move back to Florida, complete my $500 class, own a car and have an a breather for 2 years in Florida??? I don't minding this but I live in Michigan with my kids. Thanks
Michigan will not give you a driver's license until you can qualify for one in Florida. You are not the only person in...
Can I get a job with the state of Mi if I have prior DUI's on my record?
I'm wanting to apply for a job through the state of Mi as an assistance payments worker, and was wondering if it's worth applying for? I got a DUI in 2010 and 2011, but since then I have not gotten into any trouble, I have my license and am no longer irresponsible as my past shows. This was six and seven years ago, and just wondering what my chances might be. I'm not sure if this was the right place to ask this, but I guess it can't hurt to ask anyways. Thank you in advance!
It is best to contact the state of Michigan to find out their requirements. However, I always go by, If you don't try -...