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Can I be charged with a DUI/DWI?
I was driving home from a party. After dropping off my friends, I pulled into a parking area on the side of the parkway to respond to a text. Two undercover cops questioned me when I got back in the car and notice open and unopened beers in my car (which I tried to hide by holding my hand over the empty bottle (I was very nervous)). They told me that they had no interest in issuing me a DUI. They repeatedly asked if I had cocaine, meth, and heroin, which I did not. They searched my car, and I voluntarily emptied my pockets to show that I had nothing. I overheard one of them tell the other that I was not the guy. They clearly saw the beers and all they said after was don't drink and drive. They didn't run/check my license or even ask my name and age. It seemed to me that they may have been DEA agents and not NYPD. Can I still get charged with a DUI/DWI or an open container violation?
No you will not be arrested after the fact. No field test or breath tests were administered or refused.
Hi, I got arrested for DWI few weeks ago in NY, Manhattan. Now if i try to look up my case on the internet, it shows me 3 different charges. What does it mean for me? Do I have a charge for DWI or DWAI? Is it going to be considered Infraction or Misdemeanour? 1st charge) VTL 1192.1 01 Infraction, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge. Description. Dwai Spec Vehicle 1st Off. 2nd charge)VTL 1192.3 03 Unclassified Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description Op Mv While Intoxicated 1. 3rd charge)VTL 1192.2 02 **TOP CHARGE** Unclassified Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge Description Oper Mv .08 Of 1% Alcohol-1st.
You are charged with 2 misdemeanors and 1 infraction (DWAI). The misdemeanors are both DWI - one is based on your blood...
Will I be able to renew a green card after a DWI conviction?
I pled guilty to DWI which is a misdemeanor. This is my first and only criminal conviction. Will I be able to renew my green card when it expires in 2 years?
I'm moving your question to the Immigration category; someone there will be better able to assist you.
Is it possible to reduce first time DWI to DWAI?
Hello, A few weeks ago I was arrested in NY. Essentially, I fell asleep at a red light and woke up and the police were outside. The police found just over 2 ounces marijuana in my trunk which was for my personal use. I was taken to the police station where I blew a .11. I have no criminal record what so ever and have never been arrested. I work and also about to graduate with a bachelors degree. I was very cooperative with the police and blew and did as they asked. They asked me questions and I know I should have kept quiet and not said anything, but it's too late for any of that now. They made me do an alcohol evaluation, where I admitted I had an alcohol issue going on and since then I have been getting treatment outpatient Thus far at the alcohol program, even upon the first screening (several days after my arraignment) I have tested negative for absolutely every drug and alcohol , every time. I have been avoiding substances. As such I am about to graduate college, accept wrongdoing and want to move on I have questions 1.) Is it possible to plead it all down to a DWAI and get the marijuana ACD 2.) Is it possible to avoid probation if I comply with program?
It is possible if the prosector consents and the judge accepts it.
Will I go to jail as an illegal immigrant for dui and possession of small cocaine
I drove drunk and crashed into a woman who was unharmed but the police found a little cocaine like 0.5 grams on I was two times the limit I never showed up to my court date as i was too afraid of deportation and also serving jail time
You should not post admissions on a public website. Consult with an attorney immediately - you are facing very serious...
Applying to get driver's license back after revocation by NYS DMV for DWI and DUI
Hi: I was arrested for DWI and driving while impaired within 6 months about 4 years ago. I pled guilty, got in-house treatment and outpatient treatment and entered a 12-step program. I have now been sober since the day of my second arrest. The Judge ordered that I be allowed to keep my driver's license, although I had to get an interlock, and sentenced me to 3 years' probation. However, Probation advised me that NYS DMV had suspended my license for 6 months. After that 6 month period was completed, Probation gave me a letter to bring to DMV, recommending that my driver's license be reinstated, with ignition interlock. I brought this to DMV, and was advised that DMV had revoked my license for 5 years. I was told by attorneys that it would cost a lot of money to challenge this, and that I might not be successful. I just completed Probation. My Probation officer recommended that I go to DMV to reapply, and sue if I wasn't given my license back. I am seeking advice on what to do.
My advice for your next step is to call the State DMV in Albany. Local DMV workers sometimes give inconsistent...
Can Long island take your vechile away for a first time dwi
Dwi in Nassau county.....First offense.....No accident.....35 years in the post office​.... Vietnam veteran.....Paid fines.....Did community service......Took classes.....Now they want to confiscate my vechile....