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What are the odds of receiving a Stet on a DUI charge in Baltimore City?
I received a DUI charge on account of car accident (total loss, no injuries) in Baltimore City while still on probation (PBJ) for a DUI charge in Baltimore County, which was also due to a car accident (total loss, no 3rd party involved). The officer claims that I refused the breathalyzer test this time. I am not eligible for a PBJ again, obviously, so what are the odds of receiving a Stet or Nolle Prosequi disposition? What kind of sentence should I expect in this scenario?
Every case is different depending on the specific facts. Since you are already on probation for DUI, the likelihood of...
First time DUI with 0.13 BAC from breathalyzer as well as speeding charges (74/35) and reckless driving. Possible outcomes?
Pulled over for speeding (74 in 35 zone) + reckless driving charges 'Poor performance' in field sobriety test as indicated by report BAC 0.13 with breathalyzer at the police station (after refusing breathalyzer on road) Was cooperative the whole time & released on own recognizance (w/o bail)
There are possible defenses and steps to take to protect your rights and improve your position. You should contact an...
Will a DUI evaluation require me to take a drug test?
My lawyer suggested I voluntarily go get an evaluation after getting my first DUI (alcohol). He said the doctor could help with setting up the alcohol education classes I have to take. I smoked some marijuana a few days before the DUI and I'm worried they evaluation will include a drug test which I would most likely fail.
You need to discuss this with your lawyer. He is the one representing you in connection with your case and will be most...
What does ddmp/shock trauma/made mean on my probation paperwork?
I used a public defender and they did not explain to me what ddmp/shock trauma/madd mean. I was given 1 year supervised probation with fees waived for a dui. It is just unclear what these things mean, also will I be able to get of of probation before a year?
These are conditions of the probation in post by the court. You must comply with those, some of them with very strict...
Will I get jail time or probation with treatment?
I was cited for a dui, driving without a license and hitting a parked car in a parking garage. I was just notified that my court date is in 3 weeks. This only happened a little over a month ago. I was approved for a public defender but have still not heard back from him. I have been leaving him messages on a daily basis. I have been going to aa classes documenting when I went along with a signature from the aa leader. Saw a Dr and started taking a prescription that does not allow me to drink as well. I have no priors, have a full time job and 3 children that I support. I am anxious about if I will get jail time? Not hearing from my lawyer is making me uneasy. Not sure what I should do.
Jail time can usually be avoided for first time offenders if you are enrolled in a treatment program. I recommend that...
How long will it be until I get a court date for a dui in baltimore city?
I was cited for a dui and I am still yet to see anything on case search or yet to receive anything in the mail for a court date . I have already entered treatment and have met with a lawyer but they do not have any information on a court date either.
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What can I do? In 2009 I was on vacation visiting my Stepmom in Baltimore county. I met a girl who was too intoxicated to drive
And I had not been drinking and she asked me to drive her car. Unknown to me after we got pulled over her car had switched plates no insurance and she had personal crack in her car. I've never done drugs. I went to jail got out the next day and returned home to Indiana. Now I can not renew my license and my life has been in pieces since. I can't afford to go to Baltimore to go to jail nor obtain employment without a license. My name is Ronald C Brogan Jr 10/30/1970 (765) 509-0065. Please somebody help me. I've never thought trying to help a drunk girl that I never met before not drink and drive while I was on vacation would ruin my life for this many years and was told there's no statue of limitations.
There are multiple warrants for your arrest in Maryland for driving without a license, driving without insurance, and...