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Is it possible to get earlier termination of probation with a dui In Arapahoe county.
I got a Dui high BAC and was on pre trail for 4 months but got one year probation 20 days IHD and minimum fines. I did community service and VIP before sentencing all my fines were paid after 3 months and got rest of community service done in a month 48 hours. after the 6 month mark all my achohal class will be done. Is it likely to ealier terminate from probation after 6 months plus been the 4 months of pre trial? I was asked to get a review in 9 months and that was granted. Could I ask to ealier terminate at the review?
How long is your probation for? Probation isn't just about getting your stuff done.
Dui charge
I am frist offence dui with no injury &accident, and my bac is 0.155,so do I need an attorney?
Well you are coming to a site where Attorney's are answering questions so you have to guess we will say an attorney is...
Will a DUI hold up if I blew a .000?
I blew a .000 after being hospitalized when I hit a wall in Colorado. I was sent to jail where they woke my up every hour because I had a concussion. I had my boyfriends pill bottle with his and my pills in it (I will come back negative for his pills). I was charged with 4 misdemeanors. 1. DUI 2. No proof of insurance (I have insurance was just on vacation in Colorado from Washington and forgot my Proof of Insurance card. 3. Wreckless driving 4. Possession of controlled substance (his pills) Since I had a concussion and blew a .000 will the field sobriety test hold up? He did the "follow my pen with your eyes" and asked me to count backward from 75-68 and I went to 65 and then remembered he said 68. I had a CONCUSSION! I don't remember a lot of what he was asking me. I was hit in the face with two airbags (I was reaching down). I took one Xanex at 11 pm and the crash was at 4 am. I also consented to a blood draw which I am sure will come back negative. Can I get a DUI for the one xanex? Can I get the DUI throw out when the blood test comes back negative? Can I get the misdemeanor thrown out for his pills when my blood doesn't show I took them?
You are asking all of the right questions, but no attorney can answer those questions for you in this forum. It would...
I was accused of refusing a dui blood test sample
I made the mistake of hiring an internet lawyer. I lost my ass and it drove me broke paying his fees. I agreed the night of my arrest to take a blood test. However the police officer presented me with a form that was not filled out and I asked why I should sign it if he had not filled it out. He slapped me with a refusal. I never meant to refuse and have been going through hell since then. My plea was a dwai with all the administrative and judicial penalties of dui. Is there anything I can do. This is wreaking terror on my family life.
When did all this occur? When you say you pled guilty, does that mean you had no trial? What is the status of the...
Can I get my license back after Dui without breathalyzer?
It was 6 year ago, with high BAC. I haven't needed to drive, but am ready to get my license.I have grown up a lot have kids now and dont drink anymore. Can I go before the judge again?
Your first step should be to call the DMV and ask what you need to do to get your driving privilege back. Then you can...
Can I get house arrest for driving under restraint charge?
I have been charged with a driving under restraint for a dui case. I have done everything that was court ordered, but failed to pay my reinstatement fee for my drivers license. I was recently pulled over and was offered 30 days of work release. I have a 4 month old child, and my spouse works opposite hours then I do. I was wondering if house arrest is an option or any other option?
I do not believe that driving under restraint includes only a jail or work release sentense. You should be able to...
How would a person find out the results of being tried in Absentia
I was stationed in shape Belgium in 1987 and was tried in Absentia 1988 well as far as I know I have never ever learned the outcome whether I was ever tried or not but I was put out of the Army in 1988 of August for illegal drugs which none was ever found or I never failed a piss test ever
I would want a little more information before I can respond to your specific inquiry. Are you saying you were in the...