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Tested positive for etg in urine and do not drink alcohol. Had my P.O. send it back to the lab for testing.What do i do now
I am pregnant and have a severe kidney infection. My p.o informed me that i tested positive for alcohol when i have not even drank any. Can an etg test even be enough evidence for grounds on revocation because it test for a biomarker of ethanol after reacting with your kidneys. There are hundreds of items we come in contact with and inhale inadvertently (Ethanol gas,hand sanitizer,etc.) and eat. As of now there are no "set in stone" cut offs that can tell if you actually drank or had accidental exposure but the court uses 500 as theirs.
The 500 ng/mL is the suggested level for use to avoid a positive test for ethanol from incidental exposure to other...
Ok. Got 5yrs probation in Oklahoma 2yrs supervised other unsupervised. Got arrested about 6 months ago for injury to child I've
Been taking parenting, anger Managment classes counselIng n doin what Cps wanted me to n the Cps case it fixing to close. N I have court cmn up. Can I still get arrested for probation in OK when I go to court cuz its been 6months since my arrest n thank god nothin has happen yet. Plz help. Innocent mistake. N jus need help
You should consult with a defense attorney in OK.
Why do they refer to Webster's dictionary in court on the furry animal law? And not use it on lottery?
Webster's dictionary
I really can't even guess what your question is or what it possibly has to do with DWIs.
DUI in Texas... I had privioulsy had two DUI's, in New York, over 24 years ago, will this count as my 3rd? or?
I was charged with not having the perscription medicine in a bottle...resulting in a DUI charge , can this be dropped to a lesser charge? meds were for ADD
You need an attorney immeidately. To answer your question about being a felony, it depends on whether or not you were...
My urinanalysis came up dirty for alcohol first offense on defered adjudication probation for my first dwi.What could happen.
Never been in trouble before this was my first dwi
I would reach out to a local attorney who can protect you and your rights.
I have asked this question before, but am asking it again. My husband got a DUI in Gregg Co. and was on probation for a DUI.
My husband got a DUI in Gregg county while coming home from a working trip for the landscaping company he works for. This occurred after dropping off a crew member in his hometown of Longview. He was already on probation down here in San Patricio County. ( He was sober for a little over years). And during the 2nd week of the trip his favorite brother-in-law died suddenly. Everything seemed okay for a while, but the probation department gave him a MTR anyway. Now he has a hearing very soon. He does have 2 attorneys, one for the DUI in Gregg County and the other for the MTR in San Patricio County. The lawyer for the MTR wants some sort of Rehab, and it suggested advanced preparation for Rehab, but how? The lawyer hasn't been too helpful so far, so I am asking here. I will testify .
Your question needs a lot to be clarified. It sounds like you have paid counsel that is familiar with all the facts....
My husband got a DUI in Gregg Co. But he was already on probation for a DUI in San Patricio Co. Now there is a MTR.
He was returning home from a working trip and after dropping off a co-worker in Longview he drank (he was sober for 5.5 years.) His favorite brother-in-law had died suddenly while he was on his working trip, if this matters. He came home and did okay for a little while with probation, however they finally gave him an MTR. I believe that one time traces of alcohol were found in his urine. At any rate he is in San Patricio jail waiting on his hearing. He has 2 attorneys, one for the DUI (Gregg Co.) and one for the MTR (San Patricio Co.). His attorney here says that he is working on a workable solution with the other attorney that will satisfy both counties. I will testify for him at his hearing. My question is this what can I expect at this hearing? What are the different kinds of Rehab?
San Patricio county likes to use their RTC facility. (Residential Treatment Facility) It's an inpatient facility where...