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Is it legal for someone to be held in jail for arraignment for a DUI for 95 days?
My son-in-law was arrested on 9-11-2013 for a DUI, his arraignment is not until 12-16-2013. He was told they only had 60 days to arraign him but it will be 95 days before the arraignment takes place. Also can the Judge order him to go to a Drug rehab?
There are more facts needed to properly answer your question. To get specific advice you should consult with an...
I had an ex girlfriend come to my house, drunk, banging on my door, for 3 hours, which I didn't let her in, and! did this
Which she did this 4 days earlier, which neighbors all seen, then next day 8? hours after I get off of work at my house which she did drunken beating on my door which I also film on my phone, they arrested me for domestic simply battery,
Not clear of all the facts. You need an attorney to deal with the domestic charge. You posted this in Landlord &...
I got arrested in tx for dwi 1st in 2012. Convicted this year. Did not get suspended. Do i need SAP?
Under influence of dr prescribed medication no alcohol. ADAC suggesting i may need SAP but ive been driving since arrest date in 2012.
If the attorneys on AVVO haven't been able to answer your question, consider calling a local DUI lawyer for a free...
Can a DUI from the state of Louisiana be removed from record? Am from Dallas TX
I was pulled over by cop, no open container in vehicle and I was arriving to the hotel as soon as I put bleanker on thats when cop turned lights on and stopped me at the hotel
Although a DWI conviction an be expunged, the conviction can still used to enhance a subsequent DWI arrest and...
When charged with an open container. Are they supposed to do a field sobriety test
Case number 32:300
A person can be charged with having an open container irrespective of whether he/she is under the influence or impaired...
I have a felony warrant out of Michigan. It is for a DUI with no property damage and no personal injury.
It is my first Dui In MI. but have had 3 in in Indiana 2 Felonies from this in Indiana over the past 15 years.
What is the question you need answered about this? A felony warrant can only be dealt with head on, as if you do...
DMV saying a IID has to be on a vehicle for a year after a DWI conviction, but conviction was over a year ago. Is this true?
Convicted of DWI in St Charles parish over a year ago. Went to get DL reinstated and was told a IId has to be installed for a year even though I don't own a vehicle.
Your questions is not clear. I'm sure at the time you received the DUI either you owned the vehicle or you drove some...