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I was put on color code for a dui. Went to out patient 4 months graduated. Went before cro failed 2 tests for alcohol. What can
Was charged with a dui. Got color code,a fine and out patient. Which I finished. Came up.positive for 2 test on alcohol. What can they do
Most likely they will issue a “show cause” notice for you to report back to court and explain the circumstances that...
Why did I receive a summons for probation revocation hearing when my DUI case has been dismissed?
I was told at court that I had completed everything and my case was dismissed. One month later I received a summons for probation revocation hearing in the mail. How can this happen?
Sounds like some conditions of your dismissal were not met, maybe payment of court cost. You will need a lawyer for the...
Will I go to jail for missing just one cro drug test because lack of funds
I'm on color code for a DUI that happen nine years ago I've been placed on cro taken three drug test and miss one what are my chances off walking out of court
This question cannot be answered because there is not enough information given. Generally, lack of funds will not...
How long would the process be in the case that I suspect that my ex is using marijuana too get a drug test order?
We have joint custody and have been to court so many times ( he takes me to court consistently for no reason and the judge normally makes us settle out of court)...the last time we were in court the judge ruled that the attorneys are to be contacted first by the plaintiff and a settlement be reached without him ( if possible)
You should consult with your attorney. You have not stated any basis in your question to support an court ordered drug...
How can i get my drivers license back after having a drug charge and 3 driving while suspend
how can i get my drivers license back and how do i need to go about it because my suspend license is not up for year and half maybe two years
You are not eligible to obtain a valid driver license until you have served the entire license suspension period....
This is about the dui ticket
My dui was on 1/5/2008 it was for haveing thc in my bloodstream the case is closed and over with in the state of Illinois I'm going through the steps for thee state to get my license back my ticket in talapooas county is driveing on revocation no insurance. illegal parking i came up on the check point in Alexander city park my car got out and called someone to come get me. the officer charged me with eludeding a check point. I was not being chased by the police my friend had told them i was at the store so thay fallowed him to the store and that's when thay arested me at that point i had a panic attack and went to the er so I'm not to sure what went on after that
If you were convicted in Illinois your DUI case is not over until you have had an administrative hearing with the Sec...
My 19 yr old daughter was charged with underage consumption. Not possession, just consumption. Does she need an attorney?
She was in the vehicle with a woman in her early 40's who was stopped and charged with a DUI. They had my daughter do a breath test and she blew .12. He said she was going to jail for underage and arrested her. Both she and the lady she was with were not read their Miranda Rights either. Does that matter? We heard there is a Youthful Offender petition that can be filed. Would she be eligible to do that?
"My 19 yr old daughter was charged with underage consumption. Not possession, just consumption. Does she need an...