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Can I get a dental hygiene license from California if I have a DUI form 2005 and possession of marijuana in 2000?
DUI was reduced to wet-wreckless. Possession was misdemeanor of marijuana.
Like most professional license boards, the Department of Consumer Affairs Dental Hygiene Committee of California will...
I was pulled over and arrested for a dui-charges were dropped as I was not the real driver- do I still need sr22 for dmv?
police came to scene of accident-I was arrested for dui, license suspended for 3 months.. then all charges were dropped and suspension overturned as I was not the driver of the car- do I still need an sr-22 when I go to dmv to get my license back?
If the suspension was actually overturned, you won't need an SR-22 insurance certificate. However, you sure the...
I got dui Nov. 2013 & charged with dui again 07/2015 I havent paid court fines from 11/2015 yet.
Charges 23152a/23152b & 14601.2a. I have a thats new, I need to know input on my convictions that apply to this issue for me at hand.
Your "question" is rather confusing, but one a second DUI within two years of the first, the fact you have unpaid fines...
What could happen after receiving a 2nd DUI within 7 years with a high BAC?
Do other non related convictions affect sentencing?
they may. The prior DUI will be treated as an enhancement for sentencing purposes and the high BAC if over .15 will be...
Dui in 1989 in another state went to renew licence in 2014 in the current state I live in licence was revoked
Filling out out of state petition need to know if I should get a lawyer
Maybe you need to consult with a lawyer, because your question certainly doesn't make much sense. It would be...
If my insurance finds out that I damaged someone's car while intoxicated (not while driving), does this violate DUI probation?
I accidentally damaged someone's car while intoxicated in a parking lot, but neither of us were driving. I'm hoping to claim this through my insurance so that I will be protected from unreasonably high demands from the other party. I am definitely willing to pay for the damages. I had a 1st DUI (California) that was within 3 years from the date of the incident. If I tell my insurance company that I was drunk (not driving) when I accidentally damaged someone's car, will this somehow get me in trouble with the court or DMV? Thank you for your time!
The insurance company has no power to violate your probation but I do not see how you damaged someone's car if you were...
Taken to collections by California Highway Patrol, how can I fight this?
Hello, in 2010 i plead no contest to a misdemeanor DUI. 14 months later, I received a bill from the California Highway Patrol charging me 733 dollars relating to their costs for this. I spoke to my attorney at the time, and he said this is customary for them to try to milk even more money out of people because sometimes people will just pay and to disregard it. It is now 2015 and I just checked my credit report, and I have been taken to collections by the CHP for this "debt". I want to know what I can do to fight this and have it removed from my credit report because I do not believe this is right to charge me anything but the fines I have paid years ago levied against me by the court. Thank you for your help.
Talk to the attorney who told you to disregard it. Then talk to some other attorneys, because I don't think that...